Leave Town, Fast

             Quickly you run to the door. Fumbling with your shaky hands, you twist the doorknob. The door groans as you slam the door to swing open. You sprint down the street, in your baggy pajamas. You near the town's library, only to trip when you slip out of your slip-on slippers. You hear a loud rumbling sound approaching. You quickly look up to see the wild bulldozer coming around the corner.

            You try to get up, but instead you scream in pain. You realize you must have sprained your ankle when you fell. The bulldozer inches closer, now only a few feet away. Slowly the bulldozer runs you over, only to make you suffer. The bones snap under the pressure of the bulldozer. Your screams are droned out by the running motor of the gigantic bulldozer. Completely squashed, your heart ceases to beat, and the driver cackles at your road-kill body.

Your dead, fool!

Would you like to try again?

The End

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