You're shivering as you drive to Diana's house, you think about what could of happened...

Is it a coincidence?

Were you just tired?

You then look up and you jump as you see you're about to drive into a tree, you take a sharp left and end up in the woods.

The trees are so dense, It's impossible to turn around.

You quickly make painful brake and stop the car.

You're sweating.

You look around.

You look up.

You see Diana.


Hanging from a tree.

You yell as loud as you can and try to get out of here.

You desperately try to start the car. You grab the keys and try to start it.

You're shaky and sweaty hands drop the keys and you desperately try to find it on the car floor.

You then hear something like a tree falling down.

You look up, eyes streaming.

It's night time.

Diana's gone.

You shove your hand in your pocket.

You stare at the carton.

It says: Farmyard Milk

There's something else in your pocket.

It's a bottle of beer.


The End

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