Call the Missing Persons Hotline

You dial the number of the Missing Persons Hotline that you found under the picture of your friend. A computer answers.

Hello, this is the Missing Persons Hotline. We're a bit busy at the moment; please wait and we'll have a person with you shortly.

You are on hold. You shovel a spoonful of milk and cereal into your mouth while you wait. Your nose wrinkles and your eyes close as you swallow. Uck.

No time to worry about that, because someone has come on the line. "Hello. I'm Arlene Griffith with the Missing Persons Hotline. Are you here to report a missing or found person?" she sounds like she's said this a lot.

"Actually, I need to know more about a missing person... I know this sounds odd but I'm pretty sure this is my best friend and I haven't heard anything about this," you explain.

"Okay, what's the name of the missing person?"

"Diana Anders."

"Just a moment as I search our database... Oh here we... Hrm..."


"Well, it seems that Diana Anders was found quite a bit ago... Could you tell me where you found the information that she was still missing?"

"On a milk carton..." you pick it up. "Erm..." you feel very sick right now. "When did she go missing...?"

"Oh, about a year ago. We found her right away."

You look at the best by date on the milk carton. "Thanks for your help," you blurt, then hang up.

You bolt to the bathroom. Bleeeeeaaargh!

The End

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