or eat something

Your stomach grumbles. You should eat something first. You wander absentmindedly into your kitchen. There isn't much, but you can vaguely remember buying cauliflower and broccoli at the markets. So much for being unhealthy.

You quickly boil some water then steam the vegies. Your stomach growls again. 'Yes, I know, food is coming soon,' you hear yourself speaking to your stomach.

No more food in the pantry? You check. Ah, yes! There is a gallon bag of sugar for your friend just in case they come looking for it at three am in the morning. Stuff the vegies, you think, just have the sugar!

You leave the vegies sitting there sadly in the pot, and instead you gulp down the sugar. immediately you become ecstatic. What should you do now? Quench your boredom or something else?

The End

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