A Nightmare on Elm Street- Seed of FreddyMature

Freddy Krueger returns to Elm Street once more. This time, he has a new plan. He wants a son.

19 years pass and Freddy begins to work with his son, bringing a new terror to the inhabitants of Elm Street. Freddy Jr can operate inside and outside the dreamworld. No one is safe.


The rain fell in sheets, the downpour extremely heavy, the night dark. Megan sprinted from her car, splashing across the street and to her front door. She shut the door behind her, blocking out the rain; and flicked on the lights, expelling the dark.

Tired, after a long day, she trudged up the stairs, her steps heavy. Gratefully, she sank back onto her bed, still fully clothed and fell into a deep slumber.


Megan awoke at the sudden banging. She sat upright and cocked an ear, listening for the source of the noise. It appeared to emanate from the kitchen. Slowly, and groggily, she pushed herself off the bed. The door creaked open at her touch, swinging inwards. She cautiously moved out onto the landing to the top of the stairs.

“W-who’s there?” she called down. No response came. She started warily down the stairs, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on the kitchen door. She crept down the hall and poked her head around the corner, staring around the kitchen. She saw nothing. A sigh escaped her lips as she relaxed. She’d been hearing things. As she turned to go back to bed, the cat streaked by, knocking over a brush as it went. She sighed again, relieved.

Megan lay back onto her bed again, and closed her eyes, attempting to find sleep. She heard the creak as the door swung inwards. Her eyes flashed open. A silhouette of a man stood in the doorway; complete with bowler hat and long, clawed right hand. He stepped into the trail of moonlight visible through a crack in the curtains. The red and green stripped jumper he wore became vividly clear. Megan also noticed that what she had thought were claws, were actually knives attached to a glove the man wore. Four of them, one for each finger on his hand.

“Hello Megan” his voice was deep and seemed to echo from everywhere at once. A flick of one, long knifed finger turned on the lights in her room.  Megan screamed. The man’s face was burned, chunks of flesh missing where fire had ripped through his skin. His flesh appeared to be melted in some places. It was a pasty grey colour, and black in several spots.

“Who the fuck are you?” she yelled; she had pushed herself back as far as she could on her bed, putting as much distance as possible between her and the freak.

“I’m your worst nightmare”. The voice gave her chills. “Name’s Freddy, and I’m here to play, Megan”.

“Get the fuck away from me!”

Freddy laughed. “I can’t do that, you are much too important; this house is much too important. 1428 Elm Street. I have a history here. All the kids that lived here came to play with me. And while you may no longer be a kid at 20 years, you still belong to me. This house has played a huge part in my games, so it seems only natural that it should be the place my son is conceived”.

Megan was terrified. She slithered off the bed and stood, her back to the wall. She picked a perfume bottle from her nightstand, smashed it and held the broken end up as a weapon. Freddy laughed. He suddenly appeared right next to Megan, her wrist clasped in his clawed hand.

“I’m your boyfriend now, bitch”. One handed, he flung her onto the bed. She landed roughly, and then he was on top of her; his knives tearing her nightshirt down the middle, exposing her bare flesh. He was inside her then, his burnt, dismembered flesh moving roughly in and out of her. She screamed in pain and began to weep. Her arms flayed, attempting to knock him off. He cut her chest with one knife, and then pinned both of her arms down. He finished with her, slumping onto her body, then rose off.

“See you in nine months, bitch”. He vanished, leaving Megan on the bed, a sobbing wreck.


Megan sat up on the bed, sweat covering her body.Just a nightmare, just a fucking nightmare.She felt a slight stinging sensation on her chest. As she undid the buttons on her nightshirt, she noticed a red stain in the centre of it. Nervous shakes set in. A long, red gash ran across her chest; a knife wound. She began to weep.


Megan paced back and forth, waiting for the results. Two more minutes. Her brow was creased with worry.Please let it say no, please.

She moved over to the sink and picked up the pregnancy test. It was positive. She broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. She was pregnant, with the child of Freddy Krueger; the famous child murderer of Elm Street. How many children, and teenagers had died at his hands? And now his seed lived inside her. Her sobs escalated into a full blown panic attack.


Megan roared in pain, the head of the baby halfway out of her body. She arched her back and pushed, spewing mucus onto her sofa. She screamed and pushed once more. The thing came out fully, crying and covered in blood. Megan passed out.


Freddy walked over to Megan, and the girl woke. She was in complete disarray, crying and covered in blood. His son rolled around on the end of the sofa. Freddy smiled. “Thanks bitch”. He scooped the child up in his un-gloved arm, the stabbed through Megan’s chest with his knives. Four wounds; her mouth formed one last scream, and then she was gone. 

The End

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