A Night We'll Surely Remember

I was exhausted, the concert having drained me of my energy.  My feet were lead bricks, and my tux was becoming increasingly hot and uncomfortable. The cool city breeze rushed over me as I stepped out into the night. I switched the hand with which I was holding my violin case and waved down a taxi. I stepped into the cab and set my case comfortably in the seat beside me.

"Where to?" The driver inquired.

"Le Bernardin, 32nd street." I replied, still a little out of breath.

He raised an eye brow, "Gettin' fancy, eh? What's the occassion?"

I shrugged as the taxi pulled away from the curb, "Just a little something for a special someone."

The cab driver chuckled, "I see; you just come from the symphony? I heard they was doin' a pretty big performance tonight. I'm not a big patron of the arts, but I go to the big concerts every now and then."

I smiled to myself, thinking of the wonderous future the events of this night had foreseen.

"Yeah, it was a great concert," I said, to say the least.

The rest of the ride was quiet. My thoughts were a pendulum, swinging back and forth, examining and re-examining the events of the day passed, and looking forward to the events of tonight yet to come.

"Here we are, Le Bernardin. Have a good night sir."

I thanked the cab driver and payed him. My heart was speeding up as I stepped out onto the curb, throwing my case onto my back. I began looking around nervously and sped up my gait to reach the warmth of the restaurant. I entered, and the atmosphere of the restaurant instantly slowed my stirring chest. A calm excitement still lurked within me as I approached the attendant.

"I have a table reserved under the name Annabel."

The attendant searched her list for a split second, then beckoned me. "Right this way sir."

My heart picked up it's speed again as I followed the attendant. We turned a corner, and there, sitting at a small table for two, was the finest definition of beauty and purity I had ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes upon. She lifted her gaze, which met mine, and instantly our faces lit up in content acknowledgement of each other's presence. I barely noticed the attendant leave as I was seated in front of this beautiful creature. She wore a dress of deep rose red, complimented by the locks of chestnut hair which fell to her shoulders. She could tell I was staring, and giggled in amusement. I felt that my attire couldn't possibly compare to what I was now beholding in my own two eyes. Hers glowed a deep green tinged with a lively blue; it was while examining her eyes that I remembered to breathe again. I realized that I had not set down my case, and that my mouth was hanging open quite noticably.

"Miss me?" she asked sweetly.

I put my case on the floor and cleared my throat, "Only more than you can imagine."

She nodded and sipped at the beverage she had ordered prior to my arrival.

"How was the concert?"

Oh! I had nearly forgotten! She would be so proud of me. I smiled as I thought of today's beautiful success.

"Baby, I got asked for a record deal."

She smiled, her eyes widening, "Baby! That's wonderful! I'm so proud of you!"

I nodded, "I wasn't expecting it at all. I was thrilled to be subbing for another soloist, but I didn't know it would get me this far."

She reached across the table and took my hand, "I wish I could've seen you, but I'm proud of you nonetheless. All the more reason to celebrate tonight."

Tonight was also our six year anniversary. How much more perfect could this night possibly get?

"Ya know, I've been thinking..." I started, a little timidly.

"About what, baby?" she said, still holding my one hand, playing with my fingers.

"Well, with our money combined, I think we could maybe find ourselves a nice place to settle down."

She nodded, "But you know something has to happen first.. and I don't know when that will be..."

I squeezed her hand gently in mine, "But I know."

Her eyes grew curious, "What do you mean?"

I smiled, my hand slipping away from hers, and my heart speeding up. I rose, almost in a dream-like trance, and walked around the table, until I was facing her directly. I reached my hand into my pocket as I began to kneel down before her. I took her one hand in mine, and I saw her face begin to swell and flush with emotion. I produced the small velvet-lined box from my pocket and presented it to her.

"Baby?" I asked, smiling so much my cheeks began to hurt.

She breathed hard, "Yes?"

"It's been much too long.."

She nodded, "Yes, it has been much, much too long, my love..."

"Annabel Samantha Rose, will you marry me?"

The End

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