The End.

I fell into the corner of the boat. Mother’s arm reached out to comfort me, to hold me close. I shrugged it off. Pulling away from her. Withdrawing from everyone. From everything. I didn’t want to think anymore. I had lost his hand. My Edward. I had lost him. All that was left was numbness. No glimmer of hope because look what hope had caused in the first place. I forced my self to look at the disaster. It was hard to believe that just a few hours earlier it was a work of art. A place of safety. CRAACCK. The so called “ship of dreams” split. Screams of people still on board filled the air, there was no where left to hide. This was it. The atmosphere had been forever tainted. I had never felt so hopeless in my life. Watching all those people, hearing their excruciating pain, and not being able to do one thing to stop it. The life boat was silent watching in horror at the sight they never thought they would have to witness. The vertical ship disappeared beneath the great blue ocean. I stared at the empty space where the great unsinkable Titanic was meant to be. But there was nothing but the night. The dark, the cold, and the silence. No more screams. Just the echoes of pain.

And that was when I saw him. Only it wasn’t him anymore. He wasn’t there. All that was left was his shell. A cold, white, lifeless shell. I wouldn’t let myself believe it. I told myself he was waiting for me on the rescue ship. That I would see him again soon. It wasn’t until I heard my Mother say I’m sorry that it hit me. Edward was gone. I collapsed into myself, shutting everything else out. My world was shattered, my life broken.

The End

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