I love you.

“PUT THESE ON!” Two life jackets were forced in front of our faces. I didn’t have time to think, I just did what I was told. Members of staff shoved passed me. Making their way over to the life boats and pulling the covers off. People were pushing and shoving and screaming. Edward kept me as close as he could. I refused to let myself think of what could have happened if he wasn’t there. We pushed forward, wanting to get to an area where the crowds were thinner. I could feel the panic radiating off everyone we passed. I concentrated on blocking out the sound of the water as people threw themselves over the edge.

“MAY!” My Mother’s voice raised above the cries of the passengers. I darted my eyes over the whole deck, desperate to find her, “May!” The small woman came running into view and relief flooded through my body, “Oh thank God, I thought I’d never see you again.” She pulled me into her and kissed my head. Leaving a wet patch on my head where her tears where falling. I tried to reply, to force some sound out of my empty chest, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to say. How could I reassure someone when I was terrified myself. What was going to happen to us? What was going to happen to the other 2,000 people who boarded this ship so full of hope not more then a few days ago? Was there even any hope left?

“May come on, we have to get to a life boat,” Edward’s voice pulled me out of my panic. I felt safer some how. He made me feel safer. I knew the situation. It was women and children first. But I pushed that to the back of my mind. Edward was going to be safe. I would make sure of it.

Between the three of us we managed to push our way through the swarm of people to the front. I could see lifeboats already being lowered, yet it wasn’t right. There was space in each for at least 65 people, but there were only 25 in them. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t safe! I didn’t have time to complain, or argue, or even think. The waiter nodded at us and Edward forced me forward. I couldn’t think about anything other then his hand in mine. I wasn’t going to let go. Not ever. My mother was pulling me forward into the boat, begging at me to get in. So I kept pulling Edward’s hand, hoping with every cell in my being that he could get on as well. Pulling with every last piece of energy. I had to let him go forward with me. And that was the difference. I was allowed to go forward.

“May,” his voice flowed through my system, calming everything down, just for a minute, “Do this for me…for me…please.” His last word was strained, I could hear the pain, the sorrow.

“But…I can’t…I can’t leave you!,” there was no stopping the tears now, “My life is you, without you I am nothing!” I could barely whisper. Pain gripping my body. Every inch of me hurt. Edward’s hands lifted my face up and let his eyes stare into mine.

I love you,” his voice was so calm, still smooth. He pushed his lips on to mine. Passion and pain passed through me like electricity. I didn’t know what to feel…and then he pulled away and I lost his hand. Frantic I screamed his name, over and over, but it was too late. The boat was already being lowered.

The End

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