And then it hit.

The light shone through the window of my temporary bedroom hitting my eyes and causing me to stir from my slumber. It hit me like a bullet as soon as I was conscious enough to think. I had never been more sure of anything in my life. Pulling my clothes on as quickly as I could I headed for the door. My body itching for the warmth and comfort of Edward’s. But of course, nothing is ever that simple and as my hand reached out to push down the door knob another hand pulled me back.

“I want breakfast with you before you go rushing off. I have barely seen you this whole trip and I’m getting tired of it.” It took all of my strength to drag myself away from the dark wooden door that was calling my name. But the look on my Mother’s face convinced me Edward could wait. There was no emotion there. All except one, loneliness. I felt so guilty. It was unfair of me to ignore her. For me to have every inch of happiness while she was so clearly miserable. So I stayed with her all day. I made my best efforts to pay attention to what she was saying, to smile and nod along like it was something I was interested in. When all I was really interested in was the clock on the flower patterned wall. My hands were fiddling with the sides of my dress, my knee was bouncing up and down. And my eyes never strayed far from the door. It wasn’t till late in the evening when she told me she was tired. I tried my best to look disappointed, wished her goodnight and escaped through the door. Finally, freedom.

Running as fast as I could I made my way through the corridors. Searching frantically for Edward, I needed to say the words that had been wanting to fall out of my mouth all day. All thoughts left my mind and I let my body tell me where he would be. I followed my instincts, knowing exactly where I could find him. I reached the deck and ran to the front, ignoring the stabbing pains in my sides. I saw the familiar floppy blonde hair leaning against the side. A grin filled my face. He smiled back at me and reached out a hand. I had to slow down then, his smile always made me weak in the knees. It wouldn’t surprise me if I fell over so I took it slow. Itching for my hand to feel his, fingers so close to touching…

The End

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