You would have thought that the Titanic couldn’t have got any more amazing. That nothing could beat what I had already seen. Yet our room managed to do that. It was breathtaking. I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought so as I heard my Mother gasp as she walked in. And that was a rarity. It wasn’t as if we had never stayed in a first class room before, this really wasn’t new to us. But this room was so out of this world, it’s hard to put it into words. It surprised me that they managed to finish building the ship. So much care and dedication had clearly been put in to the design that it’s a wonder they ever got it right. The patterns on the wall and the carvings in the wood made me long for a talent that allowed me to create something that mind blowing. So much detail, so much more then I could have ever imagined. I had clearly taken this trip for granted before. But no more. I knew I was in history in the making.

There was no way I could stay in the room for longer then an hour. When I had unpacked I went and explored. I contained a run and settled for a brisk walk down the corridors. Stopping every now and then to take in the sheer brilliance of it all. I ignored the nagging feeling in the back of my head that was telling me to go check on Mother. Right now I was enjoying myself, and I couldn’t do that with her looking over my shoulder all the time. Even if she was doing it for what was best for me. Sometimes I needed to make my own decisions.

I was quietly admiring a painting that had caught my eye. It was a woman holding her baby, with tears in her eyes. I had never had the misfortune of losing someone, yet this painting spoke to me. The pain conveyed in the woman’s face was soon reflected in mine and I had to turn away to stop myself from crying. And that was when I saw him. I never really believed in love at first sight. I always thought it was more special then that. But in that one moment I knew I had been wrong. In that one moment I knew my life would never be the same again. I had never seen anyone so beautiful before. His piercing blue eyes, matching the colours of the ocean, looked right into mine. I could feel the goose bumps erupt over my body. He smiled at my discomfort, clearly loving the impression he was having.

“Sorry, I don’t think we’ve met?,” he reached out his hand but I refused to let myself touch him. I couldn’t trust myself. He smiled again. I can still remember every detail of that smile. The way his eyes crinkled in the corners, the way his dimples dented into his cheeks and the way that smile made me realise that my life would be nothing without this man in it. “I’m Edward, and you are?”

The End

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