Time to board

The ship was so much bigger then I could have ever imagined. I knew I was supposed to be expecting something huge, but this was so much more then that. It felt like it had jumped out of some ones dreams. It was too magnificent to be real, but yet there it was, standing right in front of me. Such beauty. I felt honoured to be in it’s presence. The hot sun beat down on me and the warmth of the gathering crowd caused a bead of sweat to drip down my back. The fresh paint on the hull of the ship reflected the sun light, causing me and everyone around me to squint. Though if they were feeling the anticipation I was they didn’t let that effect them from marvelling at the beast of beauty.

 I was drowning in a sea of people as I heaved my bags out of the car and tried my best to make my way to boarding. I kept an eye on my Mother who was closely behind me, I could see her avoiding the touch of anyone around her. A sigh escaped from my mouth, it always annoyed me how she thought we were better then everyone else. I pulled my tired feet through the doors and instantly stopped still. If anyone didn’t catch their breath at what they were witnessing then at that moment then they have no heart. It was clear why they called it the ‘ship of dreams’, it was impossible to call it anything else. My hand reached out and I ran a finger down the banister. The polished wood was smooth to touch and so shiny I could almost see my reflection. Every inch of wall, ceiling and even floor was decorated to such an extent that every where you looked you were witnessing something new. I was completely mesmerised, darting my eyes from place to place desperately trying to take everything in. Not wanting to miss one tiny little detail, this was too precious to skim over. I was so involved in my own world that I didn’t notice my Mother tapping me on the back.

“May,” my Mother's voice strained in my ear. I know I should have felt worried, but I was far too concerned with the adventure that was staring me straight in the face. I knew why she was upset, it was the move. It was never her idea to leave London and she wasn’t pleased when she found out she was going to. My Father had been offered a new job with a company in New York which had a much higher pay, so of course he jumped at the chance. Which anyone would have, still my Mother wasn’t happy about it.

“May, I think this is our room.” I turned to where she was standing, all colour drained from her face, she was exhausted. I took her bag in my arms and followed her into the room, taking one last glance at the hallway. I needed to see the glorious design again, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I needed to remember this moment forever.

The End

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