A night in the woods

Is she alone?

As she skipped along the stream, pausing so often to adore her own reflection, Tracey McAvery was dazed.  She had just been (accidentally) nudged by the most attractive boy at Lorcan Academy, and he held her gaze when apologizing to her for a full five seconds!  Her heart was about to burst right out of her (size B) chest!  Oh, what she would have given to...wait, she thought, hearing the snapping of a twig somewhere behind her.  Was it a cute little bunny rabbit, following her along?  Or, was it a creeper who wanted to hurt her?  Her already racing heart sped up as her skip changed to a run, leaving her huffing and puffing less than a meter in to the sprint.  "Oh, this will be the end of me," she told herself, closing her eyes tight as she slowed back down.  "Goodbye, world."

The End

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