Morning (mid-afternoon) has brokenMature

'No you can't just have one more, it's been forty minutes since last-orders!' If this arsehole doesn't fuck the hell off, I swear to god I will slap him.

I'm awake, and joy of joys I've been dreaming about work. Again. Why can't I dream about working in an office? A nice dull office. I could have a plant and a calendar in my cubicle. It would be so fantastic. Monday to Friday, nine 'till five. 

 It's bright outside, so I'm not late for work. I roll over, fumble around my bedside locker and find my phone. It's securely nestled between a box of Marlboro Gold and a box full of crap that I wont throw out. Who really needs old concert and cinema tickets, old love letters and random other things I haven't thrown out... one of these days I am going to clean the fuck out of this place, but not today, I'm working later. 

I squint and force my eyes to adjust so I can see the time. It's 14.42, pretty average time for me to get up if I'm being honest. I stayed up until 7am playing 'Call of Duty'. Vivienne texted me at 14.40, that's what woke me up. I feel the moist sweaty heat of Robert's back and move over to my own side of the bed. He was playing 'Left for Dead' on the laptop after he came home from work. He works in the pub across the street, we're a proper little Romeo and Juliet. I smile to myself at the thought of it, 'O Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?'. 'Killing Zombies at the Dark Carnival, where are you?' 'I'm in Karachi owning these motherfuckers.' I know,  I said 'owning these motherfuckers', I know, I can hear myself... just move on.

I don't wanna get out of bed. I pull the duvet back over my head and try to block out the light. It's no use, it's too hot in here, and I'm awake. No point in trying to fight it now. I pull on my dressing-gown and open the window. Robert groans and rolls over. He'll not be up for another two hours... at least. I grab some clothes and quietly leave the room. Vivienne wants me to go over to her house for coffee. We work together in McClures'. I text her back

[Just awake, need to shower, see you in twenty.]

I turn on the shower and brush my teeth while waiting for the water to heat up. I think I've been brushing for three minutes, it feels like three minutes, I've brushed everywhere goddamn it. Fuck the Americans... making me feel bad about my dental hygiene, my teeth are fine... ok it's definitely been three minutes now. You're not even British, the Americans don't care about Irish teeth. I climb into the shower, feeling the last traces of sleep wash away. I debate internally over whether or not to condition my hair today, it has been a bit greasy lately... so I decide to just condition the ends.  I dry, pull on my clothes and head to Vivienne's, chances are she's only up too, so we can go out for breakfast/dinner.

Vivienne lives about three minutes away from me, just how long it takes to brush my teeth! She lives in an apartment with her fiancée (I pronounce it fon-say... I don't know why) Fionn. Fionn works in McClures' with us, they're both still in university, but their parents can't afford to pay their way so like many of us, they work. They pay the same rent as myself and Lochlan, but their place is so much nicer. I hate them a little bit. I don't really, but I'm jealous as fuck. I reach their place and smell pastry. Oh god Vivienne's baked, awesome! I can't afford to eat out anyway! I open the door and there they are, arranged on a beautiful little platter, croissants, a dozen of them, my absolute favourite.

The End

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