A Night in the Life of an Irish Bar TenderMature

24 hours in my company, during a working day/night.

Different places, different people, different attitudes. 

Before I begin, I would like to briefly explain the drinking mentality in my particular university town. As both a participant and an observer of these practices for the last seven years, I feel fully qualified to make these large sweeping statements. Going out for a drink when you're under the age of thirty usually involves one of two things.

1) You have money. You start drinking at about 9pm, and licensing laws in Ireland mean that you finish drinking at about 2.30am. The following morning you awake in a groggy haze, open your wallet and realise that you've spent about €120 ($160/£105), your disgusting furry mouth and onion breath reminds you that you stopped for a burger on the way home which would have cost about €5. You were drinking for about five and a half hours the night previously, with each drink costing somewhere in the region of €5.50. You consumed about twenty beverages, and you can't remember the last hour of your night. You are in your pajama's, but you cannot remember getting into them.

2) You do not have money. You manage to scrounge €20 from various friends with the promise that you'll 'get them back the next time'. You take that €20 and spend €6 on some form of spirits or on a cheap bottle of wine. You drink in your friend's house from about 7pm until 10pm. When you arrive in the club you are already pretty well on. You buy the cheapest, strongest alcohol available to you. You flirt with unattractive members of the opposite sex in the hope they'll buy you drinks. The club closes, you manage to find your friends, you head back to their house and you drink what's left of your drink from earlier. You wake up on their couch, and realise you owe them another €40 on top of the original €20, ensuring the same cycle of events the following week.

In both cases you will have consumed about twice the amount of recommended weekly units in one night.

The End

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