I was in Scotland. A group of teens walked past, one looked at me strangely.

'Yeah, what?' I enquied to which he turned away. I needed a place to stay, the inns and hotels i'd been in so far were had been quite expensive and i only had £20 left, so i went to a camping store and got a tent and sleeping bag.

                    *                               *                                   *

It was that very night that i stopped being human. It was the night of a full moon and i had set up my tent behind some peoples houses hidden by trees.

It was close to midnight when i'd heard some howling outside.I picked up my quiver and bow heading out into the night to follow the noise. The howling gto ouder as i approched the clearing past the river, a wolf stood in the middle. 3 paws on the ground, it was hurt. I went up to help it but it growled and limped back, i put down my bow and lifte my hands as a sign of peace. In return it laid down onto its back so i walked forward to see what the problem that caused so much pain was. It had a huge splinter in the padding of its paw, i took it out and it attacked me . It took a big chunk out of my left hand and put a huge line in my thigh. But something else happened too quick for my eyes to notice but the wolf knew what it was doing; 'cause when i was thinking about the pain , it was making a another of its breed.

That night i first felt it. My DNA was changing; i was becoming something unhuman. I staggered back to camp but only made it half way before i blacked out from the pain and heat pulsing through my veins, eventhough the temperature was far below freezing.

When i woke i was back in my tent, surounded by people. No wait, there's just two but head was swimming from all the morphine they'd given me.

'She's awake,' a girl says to the boy hudled over my hand. She was a pretty girl and she had a rag in her hand to dab my head through my fever. 'Are you alright? Can you tell me your name?'

The answer was no my throat was too dry and the pain shooting up my arm was bad. I lifted myself into a sitting postion, the girl helping and looked at my hand. I groaned; a huge slit in my left hand near my thumb, and my pinky and ring fingers were missing. I looked up at the boy tending to it, and a frown broke across my face. He looked like the one from eariler, he had brown eyes like mud, his hair in a messy styled mohican (using gel) dyed red. He looks up and sees me staring, so i stopped and looked away felling heat gather in my cheeks when he said.

'Oh, your awake . Hi i'm Ben and this is Clary,' she waves, 'and you are. . .?'

'Jordan. My name is Jordan. What happened to my hand?' i add wincing as he sticks a neddle with clear liquid inside into a vien, 'and what's with the neddle?'

'we've done everything we could for your hand. And this is extra morphine. Your body temperature rose to 105 degrees and it started to burn it too quickly, so we had to give you extra to take awy most of the pain away.' Says ben a spark of intellegence in his eyes. The girl girl, Clary, looks at her clock.

'Erm. Ben we should be going it's almost dawn and my parents don't i'm out.' She says with a scared expression on her face.

'Right. Jordan i'll be round at lunch tomorrow to bring you home with me, so we can find your parents. See ya,' he replied quickly before leaving i didn't want to keep them so i said nthing of the fact i was parent less.

The End

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