A night alone.Mature


'Go! Don't stop running!' I said to myself. I didn't stop, i'd heard screams both female and male coming from the front of my house. When i'd outside the front door i yelled into the gloom.

'Mum? Dad?' There was a muffeled sound of gun shots from down the road, and i knew they were dead.

'They aren't coming back,' said a voice from before me, making me scream.this man had a face that could be only belong to something unhuman.

'What are you?' I asked, curiosity stopping the tears swelling behind my eyes from falling, 'what have you done to my parents?'

'Shut it!' He yelled and for a split second anger took over. He began breathing heavily, his chest heaving in unison to the hissing sound made when he breathed out. 'They are dead and as far as you are concered; safe.'

It took me some time to understand what he ment, but then again i was only 8.

 'You mean to say i'm not safe?' I questioned with fresh tears streming down my cheeks. He came closer and began to stroke my hair. I lnow i should have been repulsed from this but i wasn't. I felt safe and like i was ment to be there.

'Don't worry, my love. You won't remember a thing,' he mummered in my ear; the last thing i knew before i passed out. 

The End

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