A new world

The sun had never looked so beautiful as it did that morning when it rose. She was glad of the warmth on her skin, welcomed the golden glow that warmed the horizon and stretched out further to touch the tree tops, to reach out to the remnants of grass that were clinging to the threads of life after the harshness of the days, months and years before. She smiled one of those ever so small smiles, the kind you’d miss if you weren’t looking for it, but the sort that hides the greatest pleasure imaginable after such terrible times.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

She’d always had a great disdain and contempt for clichés, but for once she had to admit, although begrudgingly, that this one held an element of truth. In days gone by she’d longed for the sun, willed it to return with every fibre of her being and been so thoroughly disappointed when it did not that she thought by now she would be able to write every intimate detail and feeling of what it was like to have your heart broken.

The simple pleasure of sitting there, basking in the rising sun numbed her momentarily from the world around her. For one glorious moment, everything was bathed in a golden glow, everything was alive and lush and the waters crystal clear as they had always been. That blissful scene only made reality all the more hard to bear as it melted from her mind, revealing the true state of the world. The trees, all gnarled and scorched, bending this way and that as testament to the tortures they’d witnessed, the grass burnt, withered and holding on to life with bitter hope and the water, so polluted with the dust of the dead and clouded with the blood and tears of those lost, it was impossible to see through anymore.

It truly was the end. The end of the world she knew and the start of an even more terrible one in its place. The thought chilled her to the bone despite the warmth of the sun and the hope the beautiful sight had once filled her with drained away more quickly than she would have liked.

No matter how weakened she was, no matter how defeated the world around her looked, she was determined to regain that hope. For this was the new world, a dying world, but a new world all the same.

This was the new world and she, she was a survivor.

The End

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