"Dude," Puck said, shoving Sam into a first year, who looked up at them with wide, terrified eyes, and scuttled off with their satchel, which was stuffed with books, swinging dangerously aroundhim, "I am totally badass enough to be the champion." Sam snorted and Puck glared back, "I mean it, man."

Sam shook his head and chuckled, "So go for it. No-one's stopping you... Anyway, gotta go, see you at lunch," he grinned and walked away, leaving Puck stood in the corridor alone. 

After a few moments of deliberation, he pulled a piece of parchment and a quill out of his bag and scrawled his name down. Reminding himself that he could do this and that he most definitely was a good enough wizard to rock this tournament. "And the chicks'll dig me even harder," he said with a grin, walking swiftly over to the main hall to submit his name.

The End

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