"Mr. Hudson!" McGonagall shouted. "Wait behind please!" Finn sighed, cursing as she shouted. He waved goodbye to Puck and Sam, turning around to face McGonagall. He shuffled slowly over, confused as to what she wanted. "Right. Mr Hudson." She narrowed her eyes as he approached her. "I just wanted to talk to you about this Tournament."

Finn looked up, startled. What?? She wasn't mad! He exhaled in relief, straightening up to his impressive height, and looked down upon the Professor. "Yes, Miss? Oh cool." He laughed. "I thought you were mad." McGonagalls face soured slightly.

"I really don't like that word." She chided him silently, looking up at his face. "Now, Finn. I was wondering whether you were going to apply to the Tournament or not. Have you thought about it?" Her eyebrows raised as she asked Finn the question. Finn reached up a hand to scratch his hair as he looked up, the confused look back on his face.

"Well, Miss. I don't know. Sure, I thought about it." He shrugged. "But, I don't think I'd get it. I'm not good enough to apply." His shoulders dropped in acceptance, but McGonagall frowned.

"Really? Because I for one think you'd be an excellent Champion for our house, Mr. Hudson." Finn was shocked at her words, and blushed. "I see that comment surprised you. Well, I think you'd be up to the challenge." Her lips pursed into a small smile, and she pointed to the roll of parchment in front of her desk. "Go on. Take the risk." Finn nodded energetically.

"Okay! I'll do it right now!" He went to high five McGonagall, before realising who it was he was talking to, withdrawing his hand to try and make it look like he was just stretching. Mcgonagall rolled her eyes and left, walking briskly past Finn to the open door, her pointed hat bobbing with each step. Finn reached for a quill, dunked it in an ink pot and wrote his name in a scrawl on the parchment. He grabbed his bag and ran out of the room, cloak billowing as he almost hit a first year, then knocked his head on a goblet thrown by Peeves. He reached the Goblet, slowing to a wary pace.

Finn reached the Age Line, stepping over it nervously, before exhaling when he realised he wasn't dead. He reached a shaking hand up to the cup, before jumping back when the burst of blue flame engulfed his slip. He stepped back, smiling, as the witches and wizards around him started cheering.

The End

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