Santana rolled her eyes and fiddled with the piece of parchment in her hands, rolling it up into a cylinder. She groaned as Rachel raised her hand to ask another question and Brittany squeezed her hand, giving her a kind smile. She smiled back and took a deep breath. Finally, Rachel settled back into her seat, seemingly happy with the answer she had received.

"Okay, class,"  Professor Binns said, drawing the attention to the front of the room, "Homework!" the entire room groaned and muttered, "Witch Burning in the fourteenth century was pointless - discuss." Santana scrawled down the title onto the top of the page they were on, folding the edge of the page down and making yet another mental note to find - or buy - a new homework planner.

Santana stuffed the book back into her bag and swung it over her shoulder, smiling to Brittany, who was still writing down her homework. When she had finished, Santana linked arms with her and grinned. They were about to leave the room when - "Ms Lopez?"

"Yes, Professor Binns?" Santana said, turning to the ghost teacher.

"I still haven't had your essay on the goblin rebellion of -"

Santana interrupted, "I left it on your desk, Sir.." she sighed and squeezed her fist around the note in her hand.

"Okay, Miss Lopez," he replied, not really believing her, "I'll check again... You're free to leave,"

Santana smiled and left the room, "C'mon, Britt, if we're quick we'll be able to get there before Divination!" She walked quickly, pulling the blonde by the arm.

She gasped when she walked into the room, spying the crowd of people that surrounded the goblet. She slipped around the back of the crowd to watch the next person approach it. The room "ooh-ed" and "aah-ed" when the flames shot out and consumed the parchment. The girl smiled and turned on her heel, her blue uniform swishing out behind her. Santana smirked at the boys who made appreciative noises from the crowd.

She took a deep breath and squeezed Brittany's hand, letting it fall to her side and walking towards the cup, pushing students out of her way in her haste to reach it. She paused at the white line that circled the cup and took another deep breath.

She stepped over the line, still holding her breath. When nothing happened she exhaled and nervously stepped forward. Gulping, she reached up and dropped the parchment into the flames. After a few seconds, the flames swallowed it, as it had done before, and she let out a relieved sigh.

The End

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