A New Triwizard.

The Triwizard tournament from a new view.

Jesse walked onto the deck of the creaking Durmstrang ship, the wind blowing furiously as he leant against the rail at the side of the ship. His hand ran through his thick, lustrous hair as he scanned the castle in the distance. His eyes narrowed as he watched the other Durmstrang students running up to the castle, obviously on the way to submit their names to the Goblet. Amateurs. Jesse smirked, standing straight, and making his way down the gangway of the ship, onto the frosty grass of the Hogwarts grounds. It was a pretty chilly day for October, but being from Durmstrang, Jesse was used to much, much worse. All the Hogwarts students were wrapped in cloaks, but Jesse strode along the shore in only a thin jacket. Of course Jesse wasn't cold. Who did these people think he was?


He crossed over the courtyard up into the Entrance Hall of the castle, seeing the students (including those from Beauxbatons and his own school) look in awe as he passed. Jesse didn't blame them. He looked good, and he knew it. He strode with a confidence bordering on arrogance, without ever quite reaching that far. Plus he was a pure blood, strong wizard. That made him all the more desirable. The wind ceased as he stepped into the hall, seeing the ancient Goblet on a pedestal in front of him, surrounded by a thin white line. Jesse leant against the cold stone walls, trying not to put too much contact on the wall. Well, the jacket did cost /quite/ a few Galleons, who knew how well cleaned this castle was? Jesse had already seen the caretaker, and he looked like a bumbling idiot. Not nearly as efficient as the Durmstrang staff.


Jesse saw another boy from his school come up to him, leaning against the wall next to him. "Jesse." He stated, eyes fixed on the Goblet. Jesse nodded, his own eyes scanning the room in front of him. "I take it you're definitely going to submit yourself." The other boy, whose name was Aaron asked, looking up at the taller boy in front of him. Jesse laughed. "Of course. Never even considered not submitting." He responded, bringing out his wand and a small piece of parchment.


His wand was majestic and regal. It was a Gregorovitch, made of darkened holly, with a core made of fine Thestral hair. It was 13 ¼ inches long, perfect for offensive spells and jinxes. Jesse tapped the parchment with his wand, and his name slowly appeared on it. He took the parchment, pocketing his wand, and strode over the line and up to the Goblet. He held out his hand, slipping the parchment into the cup with a burst of blue flame.  The room erupted into cheers and applause, and Blaine turned slowly, bowing and nodding at the crowd gathered around. He walked out of the large doors back into the brisk wind, a single screech the only signal Jesse needed to hold out his arm. A large, elegant eagle owl flew down to perch onto it, Jesse stroking his feathers softly as the students looked on in wonder. He walked back down to his ship, owl in tow, confident of the challenges ahead of him. If he wasn’t the champion? Let’s just say, there’d be hell to pay.

The End

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