F*CK YOU!Mature

I was moving before I could comprehend any of the feelings that were rushing through my head. My eyes went wide and a scream erupted from my mouth.

Mitchell barely had time to look round before I was on him. I threw a punch with my whole body weight behind it that cracked his head round, his body twisted with it and fell to the floor. 

I fell onto him and began to rain punch after punch on his face.

"FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!" I screamed, his eyes were wide and bloodshot as his nose exploded into a splash of blood, and I felt something crack and splinter under his skin through my raw hands.

His friend Chelsea was screaming, the crowd of kids he was with had scattered. Then two pairs of arms grabbed me and tried to pull me away. But I refused to move, still battering him as hard as I could, screaming and yelling and sobbing.

Then the pairs of hands released me, as something gripped my neck, flung me back and hit me twice in the stomach. 

After that all I can remember was three florescent jackets and Mitchells stunted screams and gasps, and then I fainted.


The End

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