A New Resolve

Please Read: These are some scenes I created six months ago, concerning some of the pivotal occurrences with the main characters of a story I have planned in detail. I've had to - rather primitively - add parts which briefly explain some aspects of the story, which is currently known only to me. Also, I've had to try and link the two scenes together, as I haven't written any scenes in between. It is, in reality, much more vast and political than these scenes make out, and the quest of Kendrick a

A New Resolve

The glade was a place of serene natural beauty, but Nathan was exhausted, mentally and physically, and he took no note of his surroundings. He sat down heavily upon the moss covered log. The chase had sapped the last vestiges of strength from his bruised and torn body, and now, as his adrenaline fled, he began to shake, and realise what he had just lost. Tears came unbidden to eyes that had previously remained dry with shock, and a kind of sickening disbelief began to spread from a place deep within him, which the blur of action beforehand had told him to ignore. At the pit of his stomach stirred a confused, enraged beast, which twisted and heaved, pushing bile up into his throat. He began to sob and splutter, his breathing ragged, as he tried desperately to fathom what had happened; although deep, deep down, he knew it to be true, a large part of him would not, could not accept, that the family and friends, who had been his world for sixteen years, no longer existed. That they had been murdered ruthlessly, without warning or reason, was beyond his comprehension to accept. The iron grip of despair started to take a hold of him, and Nathan bent forward, in an attempt to throw it off. He was at a lost with what to do with his body, whether to stand and scream or curl up and whimper, so he just cried. It provided some sort of relief, as all of his energy and thoughts seemed to pour out through the tears, but after a time he realised he was unable to stop, and a fresh wave of panic coursed through him, because he felt that he would feel this way for the remainder of his life.

As the droplets of his anguish continued to soak the sleeves of his tunic, and the rainclouds of his sorrow threatened to completely overwhelm him, Kendrick approached, and sat down beside him. Although he barely registered the Magician’s appearance, his presence, which always seemed to emanate peace and calm, allowed Nathan some, small control over his emotions. He sniffed up loudly, and stemmed the flow of tears. Although pride no longer mattered to him, some small shred of his personality still refused to openly show weakness. His grief stricken face settled back into the impassive expression he had worn during the ride, and silence reigned for several long moments.

“No philosophy or sweeping statement will succeed in comforting you, or restore what you have lost; I know that. My advice to you is not to think about it all at once, it’s too much.” Kendrick's soft, wise voice, usually the solution to bad feeling and sorrow, was little comfort to Nathan now, in the face of such hurt, but it was good to hear nonetheless, and the boy did not reject the old man’s advice. “Just try helping the men with setting up camp, it needs to be done in any case. After that we’ll talk some more”. Kendrick sighed, rose to his feet and helped Nathan to stand. But the young boy could not stay upright – he staggered, and looked up pleadingly into the Magician’s eyes, “I can’t Kendrick”, he stated, “I don’t have the strength to carry on. Not now, not after...” his voice trailed off, nearly breaking with sadness. “Listen boy”, Kendrick said, with power in his voice, “What Unvala said was true, you do have great power, and soon, when you have recovered, we shall stop at nothing to seek out and destroy those who did this – I swear to Thessalon you will have revenge. But for now, just follow me; come on”. While he meant what he said, the old man was simply trying to encourage the boy, however, at these words, Nathan’s whole mind changed, his face hardened with a new resolve and he pushed back his grief. He realised there was only one answer to his nightmare, and he devoted himself to that one, simple solution. Revenge.

The End

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