A new mind

Just an intro for a random story. Haven't really thought about what direction i want it to go in.


As I look down at the dead body lying here in front of me, I wonder why it has taken me so long to do this.

Not murdering this guy that is, he'd had it coming for a long time now. But just killing someone. Anyone!

At intermittent points over the fourty two years I've been alive I've experienced an over-whelming urge to kill a number of different people. I say over-whelming, but obviously it can't have been that intense if it's taken me up till now to actually have gone through with it. Something I'd always assumed to be an inherent moral code had always talked me out of it.

But here and now as the realisation and appreciation of the act he'd just committed fully sunk in, the truth finally dawned on him that he could really have done this at any point in the last twenty or so years.

The End

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