Meeting Selena.

  Dane rolled his eyes and chose the pasta in the end. The chef scowled as he scooped the mushy slop out of a metal pot, and put it onto a plate. Dane smiled tauntingly and walked away with David on his heels.

  "Jesus, man! That was brilliant!" he exclaimed. Dane smiled,

  "I know how to deal with rude chef- my dad works as one." Dane explained. David laughed, and Dane joined in.

  They sat down and ate, talking about their lives, and David explained the ins and outs of this school. Dane could handle it.

  Next lesson was English. Great. Note the sarcasm. He was put at the back in the only seat available, next to a beautiful girl named Selena. She looked amazingly similar to Avril Lavigne, with her crystal blue eyes framed with beautiful, long lashes. Her mouth was perfect, and Dane could only imagine what she looked like when it twisted into a smile. She had light brown hair, and she was the most prettiest thing Dane'd ever seen.

  "Hi," he said. "My name's Dane."

  "Selena, nice to meet you." Selena said, smiling as she shook Dane's hand. Her skin was amazingly cold. Dane's blue eyes moved over her flawless body, and ended up gazing at her face, a symbol of beauty; of perfection.


The End

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