Dane had gotten so used to miserable English mornings back at home, that he was surprised to see perfect weather in the place of gloomy rain outside his window. It was like someone drew an interpretation of heaven, and stuck it to his window. He leapt out of his bed, and ran downstairs to make breakfast. He got downstairs, and made himself and Cassie some cereal.

"Cass," he called upstairs, "I've made you cereal!" He called. She came downstairs in a gloomy mood.

"How exactly do you make cereal?" She asked,

"You put the cereal into the bowl; I saw it on the food channel once."

"I don't want to go to school today," she said, "I don't know anyone there, or anything!" she complained,

"Talk with your mouth full, we're going to be late!" Dane exclaimed. When Cassie finished, Dane almost pulled her up. He ran to his car, and unlocked the car to get in.

"I need a ride to school as well!" Cassie shouted.

"Can't you make your own way to school?" Dane replied,

"What? In a new place; in a new country, where I've never been before?"

"You have a map!" Dane exclaimed, but let her in anyway. Cassie just rolled her eyes, and didn't say a thing on the way to school.

The school wasn't that far. They were there within minutes. Cassie sat in the back, with her eyes wide, and she was literally hyperventilating. Dane rolled his eyes,

"What the hell is wrong now? You're making my life a misery, having all of these worries and panic attacks all the time!"

"I don't want to go in."

"Tough." Dane replied simply. He got out of his car and opened Cassie's door, waiting for her to get out. She sighed, and gave in. Sliding out of the car, she said

"If I don't make it through the day, then you're the first on my list of people I want to kill."

"Yeah? And how many people- including me- are on it now?"

"including you? One." She replied, and stormed off. Dane rolled his eyes, and walked into the reception. Sitting at the desk was a forty-something year old woman, with dakr short curly hair, with a kind smile. Dane walked up to the window she sat behind.

"Hi, I'm Dane Trotter, I'm new." He told her,

"Ah, yes, Dane. Here," She gave Dane a yellow slip, "when you go to regestration, hand Mr. Dallas this slip. He'll take it from there. Also, you're going to need this," She handed him a white piece of paper with a table on it, "that's your planner, here, I'll show you how to use it." She said in her kind voice. She told Dane what to do, and sent him off to his next lesson, which was music BTEC. he had applied for this in his old school back in England, but always hated the teacher. The room he was in looked very modern. He slumped into a seat at the back of the room, trying not to be noticed. A teacher walked in a few minutes after. She looked about fifty, she had short blonde hair and looked quite friendly.

"Hello class. We have a lot to get through today, so I'll make thIs quick for you. Firstly, I'd like to introduce the newest addition to our class, Dane Trotter." She glanced at Dane for a moment, and to his releif, changed the subject.

"Secondly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the show last night; everyone enjoyed it. Now lets start the lesson." She said in a soft relaxing voice. She taught them all about Ludwig Beethoven, and his music.

"Does anyone know how to play one of his songs?" She asked the class expectantly,

"I do," Dane said. He instantly regretted it, because she beckoned him towards her piano. He walked up there, and played Sonata op.27 no.2 Moonlight 1st Mov.

"Wow, Dane! That was brilliant." Miss exclaimed. He blushed, embarrased.

"Thank you." He muttered. The class went on quickly after that. It was a good lesson, and Dane was sad when it came to an end.

"Goodbye class, have a nice day!" Ms. Davies- He found out her name during the lesson- said. Next, Dane had Maths- the bane of his existance. He doodled his way through the lesson, not bothering to listen to the teacher drone on and on. This had all been covered at his old school. When he got out, he faintly heard his name being called from behind, and realised that a boy with brown eyes, slick black hair, and a pale complexion was trying to get Dane's attention.

"You dropped this!" The boy was shouting, as he waved Dane's manuscript book in the air. He half ran towards the boy, and took the manuscript book greatfully.

"Thanks," Dane muttered to the boy, "my name's Dane; I'm new here."

"Yeah, I heard about you. I'm David." He lifted he hand toward Dane. They shook hands for a moment.

"Lunch finaly, huh?" Dane said, relieved,

"Yeah, about bloody time. I've been waiting for this moment since, well, break." David informed him. Dane smirked as he walked to the diner. It seemed like this cafeteria was new; too modern to be as old as the rest of teh school. He stood in the line, waiting for some food, as David went off to find a table. When it was Dane's turn to get food, a big chef was standing there. He seemed rudely impatient as Dane pondered on what to get,

"C'mon kid. I haven't got all day."

"Yeah, well, it's not like I'm gonna take twelve hours to choose

The End

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