Moving In.

Palm trees whipped past Dane's car as it sped down the roads of Malibu. This place was perfect for him; it was hot, sunny, and more or less just plain perfect. It had a magnificent beach, that let you have an ocean veiw from almost every room you were in.

"This is going to be horrible!" Cassie, his sister, moaned,

"I had loads of friends at home, and now we have to move!" How could she be upset about moving to this brilliance?

"Um, have you seen the place we're moving to?" Dane said, gesturing at the beautiful scene outside of his BMW. If she didn't like this, then she should just live in a box. He couldn't wait to see the new house. It looked brilliant in the pictures that Dane had seen, but probably even better in real life. It wasn't a long drive from the beach to the house; only  a couple of minutes. The house was, as he predicted, glorious. It was enormous, and most of the walls were acctually windows. It was built in blocks. About three blocks for the ground floor, two for the first floor, and one for the attic, and all of them had small balconies surrounding them. There was one enormous balcony on the first floor. The garden was gigantic! It had a path with flowers around the edges, leading to a beautiful small private forest, just with a lot of space. But there was one thing that made Dane's day; a pool. It was brilliant! It glittered in the Malibu sun, and it was clear blue. He walked towards the unbelieviby perfect pool, and dipped his finger in. It was a cool temperature; perfect for this hot Malibu weather. There were small flowers all around the place, making it look like the garden of eden. A swing hung from the branches of two beautiful trees, which made this garden look not just perfect, but also romantic. He went back into the house to have a look around. As soon as he got in, he saw a black sofa, in a ninety degree angle, with red pillows. Above it was a ceiling fan, turning around and around, cooling the hot, hot air. That room was huge, but it didn't have much in it; Dane just thought of it as a blank canvas, furniture wise. At the end of the room, was a modern looking kitchen, with most things touch screen, and almost everything was perfectly plished, gleaming metal. Near the kitchen were a flight of stairs, leading to the first floor. Dane climbed them, skipping every other step. he entered the first floor which held the main balcony. He walked into the room, and sat  down on a red and black bed, which had a big lamp next to it, and it was facing the balcony. It was beautiful. It had plants all around the edges, and was very well lit with fairy lights and lamps scattered around it. In the middle of the balcony stood a beautiful grand piano. He walked towards it, sat down, and played. His fingers releasing his happy emotions in the form of A River Flows In You by Yiruma. It was a beautiful song, filled with love, and emotion. He exited the balcony and stepped back into the room witht the bed, at the back of the room, there was a bathroom, which was all gleaming white. He went to the stairway again, and climbed them to the attic. This room was, yet again, a blank canvas, ready for painting- or furniture- and there was a glass door leading outside, onto the roof of the first floor. Dane was definately taking this room, to have the privacy of a den on the roof. When he went back downstairs, Cassie was reading a girly looking magazine. Better not interrupt her. Instead he dicided to un-pack. He dropped an enormous blue shoulder bag onto the floor of the attic, and got started. There wasn't much in this bag; just his clothes and toiletries, so it wasn't much work, but he did have a lot more to get through, even though the company who was delivering the heavy stuff, took a load off. When he finished, he dicided to have a swim. So he pulled on a pair of trunks, and plunged into the cold water. He swam a few laps of the pool, and then he climbed onto a black and red lilo.

This place must have a thing for those two colours.

He thought to himself as he relaxed. A few minutes later, he was asleep. Today had been hard, considering that he had to drive Cassie to the new house while his parents finished their holiday in Greece, and he had to organize the moving vans, and he had to get himself and Cassie prepared for school. He deserved to sleep; to relax, and have the weight lifted from his shoulders.

When Dane woke up, it was almost three o'clock. He had been asleep for three hours. The sleep had been almost as refreshing as the cold water in the pool. He slid off of the lilo, and waded his way to the edge of the pool, and pushed himself up, and went inside. He slumped down on the sofa, and switched the T.V on. he watched what looked like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He didn't want to have to go to school tomorrow; he didn't know anyone there. But he had to go. He had to fulfil the promise he made to his mother about truency. He decided to get up, and see what Cassie was doing. He went to the right-angle sofa, and there sat Cassie. How could she still be reading magazines? I was sure that there couldn't be a magazine that she hadn't read already. He went upstairs, and went out into the balcony. He went to the piano to take his mind off of the boredom. His fingers moved accross the ivory keys swiftly, creating a beautiful sound. He let his fingers dance around without really playing a song. At five o'clock, he decided to cook dinner. Lasagne would be perfect to dull his hunger. Dane and Cassie ate in silence, not really knowing what to talk about. Dane went to bed early that nigiht,a s he was tired from driving Cassie around America all day. He finally drifted off into a slumber at eleven o'clock.


The End

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