Bad News

My parents were on the marble stairs, my mom gripped the black handrail tightly while my dad's arm was around her waist.

"What?" I asked. "Make it quick," I added.

"We have to sell our mansion because somebody took our jobs," my dad whispered. "This is really bad timing because we were just offered a contract; a million dollars a month," my dad added. "We can't afford to keep the house now so we are selling it and we can only sign the contract if we had our old jobs,"

My jaw opened with a loud pop. I stared at my parents with shock. I closed my mouth shut.

"I know you aren't used to non-expensive things and you have always been living in a taste of luxury but your father and I will help you through this. I don't think it was a good idea to spoil you," my mom said.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I hesitated. "Ohhh," was all I said. I didn't expect this to happen.

I pushed past my parents and ran up the stairs to my room. I flopped on my bed. With all this news I suddenly realized I was tired, I wasn't paying attention before, but now that I am I'm exahsted. I got ready for bed, flopped onto my pink canopy bed and quickly fell asleep.

I'm in a small one-room house. My best friends pass by the house I'm in and I wave to them. They stare at me in disgust and run away. I was shocked, cinfused and hurt. My best friends wouldn't push me around like that. Was it something to do with what I'm wearing? I looked at my self. I was dirty, wearing ugly clothes and covered in mud. I was also starving. I took me a minute to understand that I had gone bankrupt. My dream abruptly changed. I heard the fortune teller, Malina whisper the words she told me yesterday. I realized that her predictions were right. I woke up gasping. Now that I know something bad is bound to happen today I started to be very cautious. I checked my watch. 6:50. Oh my gosh! I have 10 minutes to get to school. I got dressed, into the limo and to school with seconds to spare.

********************After classes**************************************

I was just leaving the school building when I noticed my best friends there. I haven't seen them all day, it was l ike they were avoiding me. I waved to them. They glanced in my direction and turned away. I ran up to them.

"I need to talk to to you guys," I said flatly.

"Should we talk to her?" ask Scarlett.

"Maybe not," replied Victoria.

"We do need to tell her," Leah reasoned.

I couldn't believe it! My best friends were leaving me out. We were supposed to be there for eachother.

"This 'her' has a name y'know," I said.

"Her, it, she whatever, it doesn't matter," Scarlett shrugged.

"Let's just go to our meeting spot, because there is going to be a very special meeting," Leah said.

"Very special," Victoria said.

We walked up to our meeting spot, by a cliff that overlooked the school. It was very high, but we had a fast way to get to the class in time.

"We're kicking you out of our group," said Scarlett casually. 

I was standing close to the end of the cliff, if I fell off.... I took a few steps forward. I looked over Scarlett's shoulder. I didn't notice before, that half the school had followed us to see what would have happened. They were in a triangular form. Scarlett in the middle with Victoria and Leah flanking her. It was like she was the leader now.

The End

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