A New Life, Luck and Adventure

When life gets bad for Marissa Starr, the rich, popular and mean 15 year old girl, she doesn't handle it well. Though when she goes on a school field trip to a tropical island and gets lost with two other girls, they become friends and encounter an adventure that will lead them to secrets about their families and lives they have never known before.

I'm so bored. I've played all the games in my arcade, went bowling downstairs, went swimming in my indoor pool, went to my spa and played computer and watched television for 6 hours! When my parents get back from work I'm asking them to buy more fun things to do. My mom is a popular fashion designer and my dad is an archetecht. My stomach grumbles. How long ago have I eaten? I walk into the kitchen, grab and apple and sit down by the blue polished table. While I slowly take bites from the apple, I notice there is a note on the table.

Dearest Marissa Starr,

   When your bored you can take the limo to the mall and maybe you should take Leah, Victoria and Scarlett.



"Well, finally! Something to do!" I mutter to myself.

After phoning my best friends Jane Riche, Scarlett Monee and Victoria Cash, we all agreed to meet at the mall. Being so excited to do something, I run out of the mansion and jump into my limo.


I walk through the doors of the mall and surely, my best friends are waiting for me. I smile. And to make things better, Rachelle Mousseau -a girl we like to make fun of alot- come out of a store. I grinned.

We walked over to her, and her face automatically lit up with excitement. "Am I in your popular group now?" she asked. Ugh. to happy and bubbly and gushing. Leah, Victoria, Scarlett and I looked at eachother. We burst into laughter.

"Yeah! Sure! Once you actually become popular, by any miracle." Leah said while trying to control her laughter.

   "What type of shampoo do you use? Is it called 'Love My Tangles?." Scarlett added.

"She should also stop shopping at a men's clothing store," Victoria snickered

I made a face to intimidate her, she abruptly looked scared." You might want to do something with that groundhog on your head," I suggested. Rachelle grabbed her head. That broke my taunting smile and Leah, Scarlett, Victoria and I burst into laughter. rachelle suddenly realized that the groundhog was her hair.

"Ohhhhhh. You were trying to say that my hair is as bad as a groundhog," she mumbled.

"Now she understands it!!" exclaimed Victoria. We laughed so hard Victoria fell to the floor. We left Rachelle there alone in the middle of the mall. We went shopping at a few place until we reached a fortune telling tent.

"Do you want to go in?" asked Scarlett. I shrugged. I got pushed in and there was an old lady with a crystal ball.

"You want to know your future?" asked the old lady. I nodded sat down in a chair while she stared at the crystal ball.

"You haven't always been a nice girl," she said. I almost couldn't tell that she was talking to me. She looked so absobed in the crystal. "I see something in your future. A new life, bad luck, betrayal, a broken heart, someone new, new friends, an adventure and revenge," she whispered.

"This is fake! I'm getting out of here!" I exclaimed. I have been the luckiest person in the world, it's not like my luck is going to run out just because and old grandma said so. I walked outside the tent and my friends asked "So? How was it?" 

"Totally fake, a waste of money," I replied flatly. They shrgged and we continued shopping.


"Mom, Dad? I'm home from the mall!" I shouted. My parents walked down the polished marble stairs, my mom gripping the black metal railing while my dady gripped my mom in one hand and a white paper in the other. They looked shocked, concerned and curious.

"Marissa, we have some bad news for you," my mom whispered

The End

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