Chapter 6Mature

I've blacked out once. That was versus the big grizzly bear, the reoccurring nightmare I have nearly every night. Any other fight I've ever been in, I've won. For some reason the grizzly gets to me, after all it is nearly the largest bear and stands pretty tall.

I was coming to. From what my senses were gathering I hurt. I hurt a lot. I was just thinking and I hurt. I slowly opened my eyes.

“Hey he's awake!” I heard a male voice say. They sounded slightly familiar.

My eyes stared at the ceiling then slowly raked the room, over the bodies that were there, then the walls. My brain wasn't registering the scenery. Where the hell was I?

I just groaned as I shifted a little. Then I practically screamed. It really hurt to move. There was then five familiar faces by my side, and one face added that I didn't know. A male's.

“Doc says you can move for a while kiddo, healing abilities or not your hide nearly got killed. You're lucky you made it” Bane stated.

Alpha's orders, don't move. I gave a small laugh. A laugh that didn't hurt. It was more like a little huff.

“I don't have to follow Alpha orders, it has no effect on me” I muttered. My eyes slowly shut, still awake, but in pain. “Although I will listen seeing as it hurts like hell when I move, so I don't mind not moving.” I mumbled.

A hand slowly touched my cheek. “We were all worried.” I heard my sister's voice.

I slowly opened my eyes. My brother, Max, was standing next to her, on her left. Troy, her mate, on her right. I looked at them both.

“All of you...did you take down the bear?” I questioned. I knew it was them I had last seen. I vaguely remember but the blurred image was still there.

“No we chased it away though it had quite a temper.” Bane stated. “I do appreciate you protecting my daughter.” he said.

I looked at him. “No problem.” I mumbled. I looked at Kit she looked angered. I raised an eyebrow as best as I could.

“No problem?” she asked. I could imagine smoke coming from her ears. “You froze! You stood there and let it hit you the first time, and you were scared shitless!” she shouted.

I mentally winced. No one knew about my fear of grizzlies, since that fight.

“You nearly died!” she shrieked.

“Kit chill out.” The man next to her said patting her shoulder.

I looked at everyone staring at me. I guess they expected an explanation. I didn't say anything.

“So Caleb.” Max started.

I looked at him.

“If you can defeat five wolves easily, then how do you lose against a grizzly?” he questioned.

I sighed. No matter how painful it was I pulled myself to a sitting position. I nearly screamed bloody murder but I managed to pull myself up. Leaning against my pillow I looked at them before sighing again.

“There was this match.” I started. I shuddered. It must have been visible because I felt a hand rest on my knee, reassuring me. I looked up to see my sister, sympathy was written all over her face. She knew I was about to talk about my past, the part I dreaded so much.

I looked at everyone they seemed confused. I sighed. I had to start from the beginning.

“As a kid, being found out by the old man's son, who took me in after he died, as a werewolf was money in his eyes. He as an illegal gambler so entering me in dog fights was right up his alley. I was starved and dehydrated most of the time, just fed enough and drank enough to keep me alive for fights.” I paused and took a shaky breath. “Since I was seven I was entered in them. At first I wasn't good at it, getting injured really bad after many of the fights, but I managed to learn quick and win without getting so much as a scratch. I had a human brain versus most of the animals I could strategise. A lot of the animals they brought in for me to fight weren't just dogs. A lot of exotic animals were entered, and I fought any they brought in.” I stopped for a moment, closed my eyes, taking a moment before continuing again.

“I think I was nine.” I explained. “I was scared to death. I always hated fighting, it wasn't my thing as a kid but I was forced. If I didn't do it I was starved, or beaten so bad I couldn't move. So I fought, won, and was left alone. This fight from the beginning didn't feel right. It was a large cage so I knew it was a wilder animal, not dogs, those were usually done in a makeshift box arena, not a cage. Before the match even started I felt the shaking of the ground.” I paused as my mind flash backed to my nightmare. I shook my head instantly and continued.

“I didn't know what animal ever made the ground shake but as they shoved it through the cage I instantly knew what it was. A bear. A big, brown, muscular, grizzly bear. I was scared, shitless, as Kit puts it.” I said. “I couldn't move, I tried submitting as best I could but that didn't work, it took a giant swing at me, my ribs instantly broken. I was beaten and battered through that fight. I barely even touched the bear, I knew I was losing, and eventually I was so battered I couldn't move in time and it body slammed me...” I mumbled.

I raised one eyebrow. “At least...I think it did...that's how it happens in my nightmare.” I stated. “I wasn't quite sure, it knocked me out. I was told after the match while I was healing that the bear wouldn't stop attacking me, it was intent on not making me breathe, they had to rush me out of there. I was too much of a prize for the guy that owned me. I paid his bills he needed me. He eventually salvaged me what was left, got me healed, I also healed on my own but it was a good while before I could get up again.” I said.

I finally looked up. “That's bout it, it's why I'm afraid of grizzlies, now you know” I said ending my story and staring at Kit.

“I'm sorry...” she muttered. She looked down and started fiddling with the bed sheets.

I heard a growl on my left and watched as Max stormed himself out of my room. I looked at Lily confused.

“I think he blames himself...” she muttered. “For your pain, for losing you” she said, and patted my knee. I winced and she looked horrified. “Sorry, sorry!” she quickly said. “I'll go talk to Max.” And she hurried out of the room with Troy following her out.

I turned my head to the remaining three.

“Well that was quite a story. No wonder you keep saying your a pro at fighting.” Bane said. “I could use you as a fighter in our pack, when needed, or a hunter” he said.

I looked at him. “Thanks.” I said, “But I won't be interested, I want to take it easy. I've had enough fighting for a lifetime” I said.

“Too bad.” said the guy I unrecognized.

I looked at him. He had had blond shaggy hair and blue eyes. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well.” he started. “Kit here is my soon to be mate.” he said with a smile.

My eyebrows raised a little. So this was the guy.

“I leave the pack a lot, go places. While I'm away I do need to make sure she's well protected. You know she rarely listens to her father.” he said.

I looked at Bane and he nodded. I looked back at the guy.

“I was going to ask you, she's told me you've both talked, and you saved her so I thought, why not?” he said.

I thought a moment. “Well. I guess. She doesn't get into fights a lot does she?” I asked.

Kit laughed. “No, I don't, he's just being over protective.” she said.

“Oh well okay then I don't mind.” I stated.

The guy nodded. “I'm Blaise” he said holding out a hand.

I looked at his hand. “No offense I'd shake it, possibly if I felt like it, if I wasn't in so much pain.” I stated.

He nodded and pulled his hand away. I groaned and scooted down back into my bed and closed my eyes. I was now a flippin' protector, great. Not what I expected. Looked like I wasn't leaving the pack anytime soon, but I did agree to it...I wonder why.

As I kept my eyes closed, I slowly drifted off to sleep.


Okay so I won't write too many of these for those who enjoy reading so much, but I didn't know if there was any other way to contact you all who are reading lol. Is there even anyone reading? I can only see 'views' on my stats, and does anyone even like my story? I'm wondering, there are no comments...

The End

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