Chapter 5Mature

I was having a nightmare. Like one of those flashback nightmares you get after having a suck fest life. Yeah I get those...a lot. And right now I was having one.

I was suddenly being shoved into a big cage like clearing, and the heavy chain links were removed from my chain linked collar. It was surrounded by loads of people. Had to have been over a hundred. My eyes wandered at the different people yelling and spitting at me. My tail tucked between my hind legs.

Suddenly there were whistles and cheers as the floor began to shake. I was shaking in my skin. I watched the entrance on the other side of what could appear to be batting cages now used for this sick entertainment. My ears lied flat against my head and an electric stick poked me from behind making me jump and cowering away from sides.

The ground shaking got worse and suddenly a large animal was shoved into the cage. I looked up at it. It was massive and I knew what it was, a grizzly bear.

My muzzle sank low to the ground, my ears continued to press against my head, and my tail stayed tucked between my hind legs. I showed all signs of being submissive but the large animal roared at me, spit flying across my face.

Roars filled the cage around me. There were calls.

“Kill the wolf! Kill it!” someone shouted.

“No the bear kill the bear!” another voice.

“Agreed take the fucking bear down!”

I whimpered but I was cut short when a huge paw hit me square in my left side. There was a loud crack and I was sent flying into the side of the metal cage, and plopped to the ground with a loud 'thud'. There were 'oohs' and 'awws'. Some people getting mad.

“Get the fuck up!” A shout came.

“Get up I got money on you damn it!” and there was a kick against my head.

I whimpered shaking my head slowly getting to my feet. I limped a few steps before I saw the bear advancing on me. How in the hell was I going to beat this? Especially with broken ribs on one side? It was bigger than me in size and all. Black bears? No problem. Grizzly? All hell breaks loose.

I snarled trying to dig my feet into the ground as best as I could. There were cheers for me and I was starting to feel the adrenaline of the fight. The bear continued to charge and when he was close enough I flung myself at him, the air leaving my lungs, leaving me breathless. I sank my canines into his big black nose and there was a howl of pain from the creature. I was starting to get my game back.

I clung on with everything I was worth. My small, deteriorating frame, against the big bulky giant. I was being swung in the air like a rag doll.

One of the bear's claws raked my side and I yelped. That was a mistake on my part I dropped to the floor. A huge paw pinned me to the ground, and there was suddenly a loud roar in my face and spit and snot flying all over me.

The bear brought it's paw up and smashed it down on me, trying to crush me, and it was working. There was another snap, I whimpered and blacked out.

When I came to I was being tossed across the ring. The bear had me in his mouth and I was flung towards the side of the cage. Everything hurt. I was sure everything was broken, I could feel my fur was matted and wet, probably with blood from multiple wounds.

I heard the shouts.

“Get your useless hide up!” someone shouted.

A kicked to my head.

“Move your ass!” another voice came.

“Get up!” someone screamed.

And suddenly the bear body slammed me.

My wolf form jolted awake. I looked around me and I was surrounded by five wolf bodies. I tilted my head and one of them lifted theirs to stare at me. I recognized them immediately. It was my sister. She was the only wolf form that looked like me. Her head nuzzled my necked and I glared at her. What was she doing here? And who the heck was the rest of the wolves?

I shifted to my human form. Once she saw me, Lily did the same.

“Why are you here?” I questioned. Straight to the point.

“We're bringing you back” She stated firmly. She seemed serious.

I raised an eyebrow. “And who is we?” I questioned.

“Troy, Max, Bane, Kit, and me” she stated.

“Kit?” I questioned. I knew the rest of the people. Troy, Lily's mate. Max, my brother. Bane, the alpha. Lily, of course my sister, who the hell was Kit?

“Bane's daughter.” she stated plainly.

'Oooh' I thought.

“Why are you bringing me back?” I asked. I was practically done with this conversation. I wasn't going back.

“Because it wasn't your fault you attacked me, I shouldn't have sneaked up on you like that” Bane stated.

My head turned to look at him.

“Not my fault no, but that's not an excuse. What if it was your daughter I attacked huh?” I asked.

I saw his jaw clench.

“Yeah thought so.” I stated. By now everyone had shifted to human form, fully clothed. I looked at all of them. “Listen, I really appreciate you trying to take me in, but me and family, friends, pack isn't going to work out. That whole package doesn't come with someone like me, I'm a loner and that's how it'll always be.” I stated. I turned to walk away.

Only to be pulled back, and I instantly snarled. My human teeth turned to wolf fangs. I was turned to face my brother.

“Hand off.” I growled.

“Not a chance, we just found you, you aren't running away pal” he stated firmly. His wolf canines were also out.

“Max, I appreciate the force in trying to keep me but any or all of you would lose in a fight against me. It won't work. I'll just hurt you all so leave.” I stated. “I've had the practice in killing it's not that hard.” I said and broke from his grasp, turned and shifted to wolf once again, and ran off into the oncoming trees surrounding us.

I had been running for at least thirty minutes. Not a care in the world where I was going. I was free I didn't have to care. The vast world was mine to explore, that's what I liked about being on my own. No ties, nothing. Although being in a pack for that short time did have perks. Meals, family, possibly a friend, but who needed them? Me? Nah. I needed my wolf that was it.

I stopped running after thirty minutes. I ended up by a river. I drank from it of course I was thirsty. After my short drink I basked in the sun that shone through the bit of leaves. It was nice. I loved this, being a wolf, lying in the sun, enjoying peace and quiet.

My quiet of course didn't last for long. Which sucked. There was a howl, and a deafening roar. I froze. I knew that sound. That terrifying sound. My body shook.

The familiar wolf burst through the bushes, Bane's daughter, Kit, she must have chased me down. She was persistent. The roar had followed her, and bursting through the bush after her was the bear. The great, big, brown bear. It more had destroyed the bush rather than burst through but I wasn't paying close attention to that.

Kit was limping as she ran as best as she could over to my side. Her wolf body wasn't shaking, in her eyes she had a look of determination to kill what was trying to kill her. The roar snapped my head back to the bear and I didn't move. I stared up at it, my ears flattening, my tail tucked between my hind legs and even when Kit bit my side hard to wake me out of my fear, it didn't work. I stood there, a goner.

The bear took it's chance and swiped at me, sending me close to the river. A loud crack in my side was evident. I could feel blood pooling under me as my body hit the wet dirt. I whimpered.

The bear was advancing on me no longer paying any attention to Kit. I tried my best to drag my sorry butt away but it wasn't working. Kit purposely put herself in front of me and snarled at the large beast advancing.

I barked as best as I could trying to signal her away, but she wasn't paying attention. The bear was getting closer and before it could strike I gathered enough strength to pull to my feet and knock her out of the way before a paw connected with my skull.

I blacked out, but only for a couple minutes...I think. When I came to I shook my head and the roar filled the area once again. My head snapped in the direction and Kit's human form was lying on the ground. She looked really injured. I mentally groaned.

'She can't beat a grizzly' I thought before pulling my sorry butt to my paws. I was still bleeding and I ached with pain everywhere. More like my body was screaming pain rather than aching but I was on a mission.

The grizzly brought up one of his giant paws and I bolted towards him. I ignored every sharp jab through my body and pushed forward until I was soaring through the air and suddenly gripping the grizzly's paw in my mouth. I was clinging on for dear life. I could taste it's blood seeping into my mouth.

The grizzly roared. Tried swiping at me but missed. I was thankful, but I still didn't let go. Another roar and I was flailing through the air like a rag doll. I suddenly had the flashback. I was suddenly then crashing into the ground and I got to my feet instantly before one of the brown bear's huge paws crushed to the dirt leaving a slight impact. I dodged to one side, cried out in pain (As best a wolf can do) and lunged at the bear's throat.

I successfully made contact and I could feel the blood seeping but my hold wasn't good enough. I was flying through the air once more flipped head over heels into the dirt. And suddenly I wasn't a wolf anymore. I was human. Odd, very odd. I had never shifted to human during a fight no matter how battered I was. Huh maybe I was close to dying.

I stared up at the bear who roared in my face and swiped at me once again, and flying I went right next to Kit. She was conscious but I was on the verge of blacking out, for good. My vision was blurring, everything hurt, and I was losing a lot of blood.

“Caleb I...-” Kit started. I was staring at her but she was fading in and out, I didn't get to hear the rest of that sentence. “Sorry so...-” She faded out again, this time she blurred along with the forest behind her. She suddenly came into focus again, she wasn't looking at me. “Dad!...-” I heard one word, saw her lips moving, but didn't hear anything else. I looked in the direction she was staring in and saw three more wolves. My eyes stared at them for a moment before rolling in the back of my head, and I lost consciousness.

The End

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