Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4

Okay so in my entire life, up until now, I had never attended a bonfire. Ever. I didn't know how the function worked nor did I want to. My sister had dragged me out with everyone else assuring me that the bonfire would be fun. Well her way of fun was mingling with pack, and partying. My idea of fun was to be alone, quiet and a wolf, but that wasn't going to happen. I was stuck.

I looked around as we walked across the lawn behind the house. I raised an eyebrow as we entered the woods. I was going to ask Lily where we were going until we came to a clearing, with burnt wood in the middle.

I looked at Lily and raised an eyebrow.

She laughed. “Caleb bonfire, break it down.” she giggled. “Bon.” she paused. “Fire.” she finished.

My eyes lit up. “A fire?” I questioned and she nodded still laughing.

“Okay I'm going to fill you in,” she said as she dragged me over to a wooden log turned on it's side. She planted me on the log and sat next to me. “At bonfires we basically sit here, enjoying the warmth of the fire, talking to other pack members, and roasting lovely marshmallows or making smores.” she said.

I looked and felt confused.

She laughed. “A smore is a marshmallow smashed between two pieces of graham cracker and chocolate. It's very good” she assured me.

I nodded. I watched as Bane got the fire going.

Lily patted my back and smiled.

“Hey can I join you?” A voice suddenly asked.

I vaguely recognized it and looked up to see that Troy guy from earlier.

“Certainly!” My sister said. Well she practically squealed it.

I looked at this Troy guy then my sister and then back and gave a low growl, and Troy who was about to sit down suddenly backed away, hands held in the air for surrender.

“I take it he's starting to be protective of you and you haven't told him about us?” he asked. I noticed when he said 'us' he was pointing between himself and my sister. My eyes turned to slits as my head whipped back and forth between them.

Lily sighed. “No, I didn't.” she said and turned to face me. She put both her hands on both of my shoulders. “Caleb, it's okay.” she stated with a small smile. “Troy is my mate.” she stated.

That one hit me like a ton of bricks. My eyes went from my sister who I was just getting use to, to the guy who was now announced as her 'mate'. I still growled at him, then I looked at her.

“You're too young.” I simply stated as if that'd fix anything. “Not to mention 'mating' is considered reproducing and that is definitely not on your list so forget about it.” I said looking at Troy who was trying to sneak his way in sitting down next to my sister. I growled a low and long growl once again. He quickly stood. Good he was afraid of me, we'll keep it that way.

I was suddenly hit on the head and my eyes snapped to my sister. Whose face was turning a deep red. “Caleb Lucius Caelum!” She screeched.

I jumped and I'm sure everyone around us did so too. My eyes had widened at not only the sound of my full name which I did not know except my first but my sister who had snapped and yelled, which I wasn't fond of being yelled at. I'm sure if I were a wolf my tail would be tucked between my legs.

My sister didn't bother to wait for me to reply to my name. “You do not get to say who I mate, or when I do or what a mate means!” she screamed at me. “A mate is like being married idiot, and I am married to Troy. All wolves get married at a young age it's perfectly normal especially when you find 'the one'. She stated, using air quotes on 'the one'.

I heard snickers and laughs around us, but my eyes didn't leave my sisters. She whacked me on the head once again. “I expect an answer.” she said with a glare.

“A-ahm okay...” I mumbled stupidly.

“Good.” she said giving me a small smile and a pat on the shoulder as she turned to Troy. “You can sit with us, he'll behave.” she said cheerfully.

I shuddered. My sister was turning out to be quite a scary person. I faced towards the fire as my sister and her mate, (I nearly gagged at the thought), talked about their day. If she was so attached to him I'm surprised he didn't follow us around like a little puppy, but that did explain why he was so defensive earlier.

My thoughts wandered as I continued to stare at the fire. I don't even know how long I was day dreaming but my sister tapped me, and I looked at her, not even spooked. She shoved something into my hands.

“A smore.” she stated. “Eat it.” she demanded and I did as told.

Really I practically shoved the thing into my mouth, and devoured it whole, and it tasted amazing. There wasn't any other word for it so I had five more.

After eating smores there wasn't too much more to do at this bonfire. Everyone had started to quiet down, and started huddling together. I was sure they were with their 'mates, (Nearly gagged again). What was with everyone? Pairing up. Perhaps I didn't fully understand pack life. Perhaps this was just one of those things they did, they didn't date they found their true love. It sounded weird.

I looked around the fire. I hadn't noticed so many people show up. It was a little crowded but the space was big enough there were gaps here and there. I looked at my sister who was cuddled next to Troy, they were in their own little world and I gathered my legs close to my chest and rested my head on my knees as I watched the fire and let my eyes wander around the area some more.

That's when my eyes laid on the girl yet again. Bane's daughter. I didn't know her name, but she seemed depressed and lonely still. Was she ever cheerful? I wouldn't know that question I didn't even know her name. I sighed, and stood up. I didn't look to see if my sister was watching me but I didn't care really. She probably didn't even notice I was walking away, she was too into her conversation with Troy to notice anything.

I walked straight over to Bane's daughter. He never did say I couldn't talk to her, just that she was off limits, and I definitely wasn't thinking of her that way. I didn't think of anyone that way. Why would I date someone?

I sat next to her and looked at her. It took her a moment to notice I was there, and when she did so she jumped a little. Guess she had been really interested in her thoughts and staring at the fire.

She gave me a slight smile. “Hello.” she said softly. Almost a whisper.

“Uhm...hi.” I mumbled. I looked at the fire.

She gave a small laugh. “Not to social huh?” she asked.

“No..not really.” I said. “You just uhm...seemed a little lonely so I thought I'd join you.” I explained. “My sister kind of ditched me for her mate anyway.” I added, I was now staring at her again.

Her long brown hair reminded me of Lily's. Lily's hair was originally black but like she had said, she dyed it. Her grey eyes looked empty and sad.

She smiled at me. She seemed to have brightened up a little then, a little life coming back into her. “My soon to be mate left a couple weeks ago, he hasn't come back yet.” she stated and turned her head to stare at the fire again.

I nodded, as if she could see she wasn't even looking at me. I gave a little shudder, it was sort of cold out if you weren't near the fire.

“So you're to be mated too huh?” I asked, “How old are you anyway?” I questioned.

“Eighteen.” she simply stated.

“Isn't that...weird, getting technically married at eighteen?” I asked.

“It's for pack purposes, but no it's common in wolf packs and to the human world legal” she stated.

“So you're not being mated to this guy because it's like...'the guy'?” I asked.

“Nope” she sighed. I could tell she hated this subject.

I grinned. “You don't like him” I said.

She turned to stare at me. “No I don't and you think that's funny?” she asked.

“Sort of I mean you can always say 'I don't like him' and walk away” I said.

“Not that simple, my father is alpha of this pack, his father is alpha of another” she started to explain. “We're trying to keep peace between the packs so a mating is formed me and him” she said.

“Well that sucks” I mumbled, wrapping my arms around myself for warmth, my eyes stared at the fire once again. We were werewolves, warmer than the average person, but not super heated, the cold did still bother us.

“Yeah tell me about it. He's cruel and never around, who would want to be married to that?” she questioned.

I looked at her, she was no longer looking at me. “No one likes that” I mumbled.

She didn't say anything after that nor did I. It was weird I talked to someone other than my sister. I usually didn't engage in conversations. With anyone. Now that I thought about it I was surprised I even had walked up to her.

We had to have sat like that for ten minutes and then all hell broke loose.

I was minding my own business when suddenly a hand had dropped down on my shoulder. I had been way too into staring at the fire, lost in my own thoughts. I wasn't paying attention to anything or anyone around me, and I had let my guard down all day so I never thought to have put it up once sitting there alone.

Once that hand had come down on me I instantly turned and snarled, 'blacking out'. My human teeth turned to fangs, and they were bared at the person now under me. I had them pinned instantly. They showed no struggle, my animal mind noticing it was weird backed down. My fangs slowly retracted back to human teeth and my blurry vision cleared and I was staring straight down at Bane.

He didn't hold a goofy smile, but his face was serious, and strangely being the alpha his neck was shown backing down from dominance. Must have been hard for the guy. I blinked still astounded. I had nearly attacked someone. I then took notice of the gasps around me and turned to stare at other pack members. I noticed a few had phased to wolves. My eyes had run past Lily who seemed scared, Troy who was tense, Max who was ready to pounce in if necessary, and then Bane's daughter, whose name I forgot to have even got. She looked scared, probably for her father.

I looked at Bane once more. He looked up at me.

“Hey...” he mumbled. “You okay? I mean I now know it was stupid to sneak up on ya but can you get off?” he asked.

My brain didn't register what he said. I was still trying to relay what really happened. My mind racing. Once I pieced together what happened I instantly scooted off him. It was more like trying to stand up, tripping over him, and sliding across the ground. I was on my hands and knees, and feel utterly stupid. I pounded on the ground once, growled and phased, running off into the woods, and ignoring the calls behind me.

I mean what was I thinking, eating with them? Sharing stories...having a stupid bonfire. That couldn't happen with me, I was dangerous, I was a loner...

I kept running. I didn't know where I was headed, but I stopped outside of a small cave. At least I considered it a cave. It sort of had an indent in the rock, where I could sleep. I crawled in, still a wolf, and curled up in a small ball. I gave a wolf like yawn and closed my eyes. I'd think about where I was headed next in the morning.


A little note: I wanted to add, before anyone got confused, on Caleb's 'black out'. It wasn't so much as a black out like he didn't completely know what was going on like humans. His human side blacked out but his wolf side did not. Like his brain switched from human to animal instinct kind of way. If he thought about it enough he'd eventually figure out what happened like said so and realize what he did wrong.

The End

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