Chapter 3Mature

My sister and I had just entered the house when a strong aroma hit my nose. I gave a few loud sniffs and my sister laughed.

"Thats Emma, she's probably done finishing dinner, smells like Italian." She said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me all the way to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen my eyes started to wander at the big space. On the left of the room was a big table, and and the right was the rest of the kitchen. I watched as an old lady scurried around finishing the touches on a couple dishes. She looked up and smiled at the two of us.

"Why hello." The old lady, I could only assume was Emma, stated in her old voice. "Lily who is this?" she questioned.

"My brother!" she exclaimed happily.

I looked down at my sister. I was a head taller than her. Her face looked truly happy.

Emma smiled. "I'm glad you finally found him, I remember how long Max spent searching" she said. "Does your brother have a name?" she questioned.

Lily laughed. "Caleb" she said. I continued to stare at my sister and when she looked up at me she motioned towards Emma.

I looked at Emma. "Hi." I stated rather stupidly. What else was I suppose to say? I didn't know the old woman.

She gave a small laugh. "Hello." she stated again. "Dinner is just about finished if you two want to sit at the table." she said.

Lily nodded and the two of us took our seats. I watched as Emma placed each dish at the table. As she did this a person or two would enter and seat themselves at the table.

I watched as one person after the other sat themselves down and when all the seats were filled I looked at Lily then Bane.

Bane gave me that stupid smile again and I looked around at the table just as he cleared his voice.

"As most of you here can tell we have a new member to the pack" he stated.

At that notion my eyes widened. I never said I was staying, but I didn't argue with him as he talked on. All eyes were now on me.

"His name is Caleb, none other than the lost brother of Max and Lily, who we tried searching for a while back." he said.

There was a loud scraping noise on the other side of the table, and I had flinched at the sound. It brought back bad memories. I looked to see a man, long jet black hair, stand staring wide eyed at me. That must have been Max.

I stared back, silently of course, and watched as he rushed over to my side, and suddenly I was brought into yet another hug. This one was more bone crushing though, I don't think my own brother knew his own strength.

"You're...crushing me..." I whispered.

He suddenly let me go. "I can't believe you're here! No one told me!" he said.

He sounded surprised.

I looked up at him and nodded. "Just got here..." I mumbled. "Lily found me." I stated.

Max turned to stare at our sister, giving her a smile, and then walking back to his own chair.

"With that said, we'll all do introductions later, of course Caleb this isn't our entire pack, just the ones that like eating with us" Bane said.

I looked at the Alpha in time to see his eyes light up. "We should have a bonfire!" he said excitedly.

There was a bunch of whispering now, probably all in agreement.

"Good idea, I'll start calling everyone" I heard Emma state as I heard her walk out of the room.

I watched as everyone started to get their own food, my sister brought it upon herself to stack my plate with whatever she put on hers. Once our plates were full I was still lost.

I hadn't eaten with silverware in a long time, I had forgotten how. Everything really as a human was foreign to me. Now that I thought about it I was surprised I knew how to walk, or even talk.

Lily had nudged me when she saw I wasn't eating.

"It's not poisoned" she stated, joking.

I gave a small smile. "It's not that." I whispered to her. "I forgot how" I mumbled. Hoping that made sense.

I looked at her as her face lit up realizing what I was saying and she giggled.

"Not that hard silly, pick up a fork" she said showing me. "And scoop up some food, and shove it in your mouth" she laughed.

I did as instructed. Once I got a taste of the food it practically melted in my mouth. I hadn't had food this good...Well I couldn't ever remember having food as good as Emma's. After I swallowed I quickly filled my mouth with another fork full, and by the time I had finished half my plate I had found that Lily was staring at me.

I looked at her giving her a slight smile, and then going back to eating. I was very concentrated on that. Living in the wild as a wolf, you don't get too much to eat. It's a lot of work hunting for yourself, and as a human I wouldn't of ever had the money to buy food, so most days I went starving.

I felt her pat my back and my eyes found her once again as she began eating.

At dinner I probably had eaten three plates filled of food, and they weren't your average plate either. They were more like mountains upon mountains of food. I think I ate enough for a small country. When everyone had finished eating Emma had come back into the room.

"I called everyone, and they're all heading over after they finish their dinners" she stated in a soft old person's voice, and then she began cleaning up the food.

Bane had just given Emma a smile, and the his attention had been diverted to everyone around the table. Chairs and been scooted back while most people leaned back in them enjoying what they just ate.

Me...well I was sitting there feeling slightly sick from eating so much, but I couldn't help myself it was really good food, and I hadn't eaten in a while. I ignored the sickness for now, it wasn't really bothering me. I leaned back in my own chair. I guess everyone was waiting for the rest of their pack to show up for this bonfire.

I stared around the table, at the different faces. Mainly remembering them. I wasn't thinking about staying but who knew it may come in handy. My eyes stopped upon my older brother and he looked at me, smiled and rejoined the conversation he had originally been in. My eyes scanned more, and fell upon a girl, who looked very similar to Bane. Although this girl lacked Bane's over cheerfulness. She looked depressed, and lonely. My head tilted to the side, and my eyes turned to a slight glare. Not a 'I want to kill you glare' but a 'why do you look so much like the pack leader kind of glare.' And then that's when it hit me.

Literally I might add. I felt a hand smack the back of my head. I turned with a low growl, and saw Bane's stupid smile again. "That there is my daughter, I catch you eying her again and I'll rip your throat out. She's got a mate." he stated.

I glared at him. "I wasn't eyeing her like that" I growled. "I was wondering why she looked like you and now I know" I mumbled, now rubbing my head. I looked down at my sister and she was laughing. My eyes turned to daggers at her. "You think that's getting smacked?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yeap sibling pain is always funny" she stated and I shook my head and smiled, not able to be mad at her. I don't know what it was but it was really hard to be mad at her. Like I could be mad at anyone, I was currently really mad at Bane and I could keep that grudge or hate whichever you want to use and it'd keep fueling to the fire, but with my sister...I think it had something to do with her smile, but I couldn't stay mad at her. Not even for two seconds.

Then Bane stood up. He caught everyone's attention and laughed. "We could all move outside now, the bonfire ain't gonna start in here you know" he said and laughter followed from the rest of his pack as everyone made their way outside.

The End

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