Chapter 2Mature

Now here's a reminder. I've been knocked out once in my life, and it wasn't even a fight with a human. It was with another animal, and I had gotten severely punished for losing that fight. Now since then I've been a mean, lean, unstoppable machine. Well that is up until now when some goon knocked me out in my least favourite form.


I awoke in a bed. It was quite dark in the room and my head ached like no tomorrow. My symptoms didn't get any better when a swift movement in the room moved towards the windows and let the shades fly open.

Now the room was super bright, and my eyes stung, adding to my headache.

I growled, literally.

"Nice there" A voice stated.

I looked up to see who the voice belonged to. Another man, he stood about six feet tall. Had dark brown hair and he too was buffed out. Not like that guy who punched me out cold, but buff enough to look good, and to make sure anyone he got into a fight with would lose, probably not including that guy who knocked me out, but that's beside the point. His eyes were brown, and he had a stupid smile on his face. He also looked old. I mean he wasn't old and grey, of course not. I mean I was twenty, and this guy he looked older, like thirty eight.

"I'm Bane, Alpha of the wolves that roam this land" he said with that stupid smile.

I growled at him and leapt from the bed. My so called sister looked like she was about ready to have a heart attack.

"I don't care who the hell you are!" I shouted.

Bane of course just kept smiling at me.

"I for one am pissed!" I continued. "For one I found out I have a sister, I liked being a lone wolf!" I growled. "And then one of your goons knocked me out!" I ended.

I paced the room, like a caged animal. This guy could definitely knock me out; he was an alpha of a pack. He had the strength. He had to have it to defend his pack. I knew how wolves worked, and that meant werewolves were the same, with the slight difference of shifting from human to wolf, and back once more.

"I can see why you're angry." He simply stated.

"No, that is not all of it!" I was freaking out. Pacing faster and faster, the room I was in was too small for my comfort. Hell this house was too small for my comfort, I was use to open space, and fresh air. "I'm forced in a fucking house while I should be out there running!" I shouted.

Bane put his hands up as he stepped in front of me. He put his hands on my shoulders and I snarled, and he suddenly pulled them back. I had stopped my pacing, but he forced me too.

"I can see you are freaking out, we can take this outside" he explained. "If only you promise not to run" he stated.

I stared at him a moment, then looked at my sister. I still didn't know her name. I then looked back at Bane. "Fine, I'll agree to those terms" I stated. When did I start talking like a prisoner? Was I prisoner here? He said 'only if I didn't run' perhaps that meant I was a prisoner.

He led us out of the room, and I realized that his house was bigger than I thought. It wasn't a regular sized house it was a mansion. We walked down a few halls before going down the stairs and right out the front door. I turned to stare at the outside of the house, and it was enormous. I'd never seen a house that big.

I turned to look at Bane, slightly calmer now that I was outside, but still agitated; I was a prisoner, definitely.

Bane stood in front of me staring at me not saying a word.

"So?" I asked.

"Okay, Caleb?" He asked as he looked at my sister. She nodded confirming that was what my name was.

"We have a proposal for you" he said. "If you stay you can have whatever your heart desires here" he stated. "You can have a girl, mon-"

I cut him off.

"Stop right there" I said waving my hands at him. "I don't want a girl, or money, or anything your heart desires here" I stated. "All I like is wandering, where ever I want, whenever I want and not worrying about a single soul" I explained. "No pack, no family, no ties" I stated.

Bane looked at me, confused.

"I don't live as a human ever, quite frankly being in this form, it's creeping me out" I stated.

"Caleb" My sister started.

"By the way of which, you are my sister and I have no clue what your name is" I said. She went to open her mouth but I was talking again. "If you even are my sister" I said looking back at Bane. "As far as I know, I have no family, I don't have any memory of ever having one, nor do I care" I said. I glanced back at my sister who looked hurt.

"You should know me…" she whispered. "We only split up when we were five" she mumbled, her eyes were looking at the ground. She was clearly upset.

I looked at her surprised. Bane didn't feel the need to cut in. "What do you mean?" I questioned my anger starting to rise once again. "I have no memories of it; in fact I have no memories of anything until I was six actually." I stated.

I thought about that for a moment. My eyes widened. It was in fact possible I had blocked it out, or had a head injury. My memories before then were gone, and I could have family. I groaned. I clutched my head tightly and started to quickly walk away. I could hear them following behind.

I had a headache, I felt trapped here, and I wasn't taking my new, news well. So I turned and snapped, whether or not my mind was going to think rationally. They both suddenly stopped and I gave a low growl. "Stop following me!" I shouted. "I have NO family nor do I have the desire for one!" I shouted, my canines had grown as sharp as a wolves, you could tell they were no longer human teeth. "I don't want a pack, I don't want to live with others!" I added. "I trust no one!" I ended and turned only to be met by yet another person. No doubt someone of the pack.

"Troy don't." My sister stated firmly. There was clear evidence by just listening to her voice that she was crying.

"Don't you take anyone's word? She says she's your sister" the so called Troy stated.

I glared at him. "Was my shout not clear to you?" I asked. "I. Don't. Trust. Anyone." I stated, pausing after each word and letting each sink in just encase he was slow or something. More over it was a asshole move to insult him.

He was glaring at me. "Not even it happens to be your sister?" he questioned.

"No, and even if I had memory of her being my sister I still wouldn't trust her." I added. My anger was starting to fade. I was really trying to calm down before this turned into some fight. That would be bad I could probably take down Bane's wolves easily, I had a lot of fight in me especially in wolf form, I was a pro fighter. "I've been betrayed too much to trust anyone but me and my wolf" I stated. My anger was now gone. I felt hollow now. This kind of subject was touchy. This was the reason I wouldn't be able to have a close family.

Did I want one? Sure I did, but could I trust anyone? No, so it'd be too difficult to have any family, even considering a pack one. I turned away from Troy. I'm sure my long years of pain were evident in my eyes. I started to walk away and I heard his voice.

"I've heard stories about you!" he shouted towards me.

I froze. There were things I couldn't remember, my life before I woke up in that dreadful house that ended up my prison. I always wondered what kind of kid I was in order for someone to have dropped me off there, and not ever to claim me as their own child. Not even a missing person's report had been filed. I took a deep breath. My curiosity won me over. That and I was exhausted. I looked back at Troy.

"Lily has told me a lot about you, and so has Max" he stated.

"Max?" I questioned looking at my sister, Lily. I knew Troy was referring to her, who else would have had stories about me and had been a girl, besides my mother of course.

Lily looked at me. "Max is our older brother" she said with a smile. "I'm not your only sibling" she stated.

I took a deep breath as I plopped down in the grass. I had two siblings? I rested my head in my hands, sitting cross legged, elbows resting on my knees, in the middle of the yard.

I sat there for a couple minutes until I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to see Lily, with the brightest smile on her face.

She sat next to me.

"I can tell you the story" she stated in a soft voice. "Do you want to hear it?" she questioned.

I nodded. I wanted to know what happened to me long ago. Why I was ditched and never found. Why I was forced to slave away most of my life enduring a massive amount of pain physically and mentally.

"We'll leave you two to talk" Bane stated.

I looked at him; he was no longer smiling that stupid smile. He was serious now, mind made up to leave us alone. Troy had started to follow him, and the two were soon back at the house in no time.

I looked back at Lily, she still had a smile, not her bright smile but soft and caring.

"How…" I hesitated. Not sure if I should ask. I shook my head, she was my sister it was dumb to over think such a simple question. "How old are you?" I asked.

"Twenty same age as you" she stated.

My eyes widened. "Then we're-" I cut off as she nodded.

"Twins" she finished. "We really don't look like it right now" she said with a laugh. "I dyed my hair brown, it's originally black" she said with a laugh.

I stared at her for a moment trying to remember what I looked like in a mirror; I hadn't looked in one since I was ten, so I wouldn't know what I really looked like. I knew my hair color, eye color of course simple things. In a reflection of water I was always a wolf. I had gone what I call native a long time ago, straying from the path of living as a human. It was easier to survive in the wilderness that way.

I shook my head going back to analyzing her. We had the same eye color, blue, our wolf forms they were the same color now that I thought about it. We were both a rare sight of wolf. Some people called us blonde wolves or golden wolves. Our bodies were white underneath, our bellies and paws, with some of our legs. Our top was a magnificent blonde or golden color, kind of like a golden retriever's color but more pretty like and wolfish of course. Our fur wasn't silk, we weren't show dogs.

And you may be thinking. Wouldn't you be a black wolf? Like your hair color? Well I'll tell you now. No we wouldn't. Some are, but some aren't. It depends on the lineage. Some wolves like sticking to one type so make a pack of certain colors to ensure they're all the same, hair color and all. It's weird. I'm guessing from the looks of me, black hair and being a majestic rare blonde wolf that it wasn't the case with my parents.

"What about Max?" I questioned. I was looking at the ground.

I hadn't felt this vulnerable since I was a kid. I always had to look out for myself, stay strong that kind of thing. Fight my way through life to survive. It was always this topic, my past life, what had the 'before' me been like. That and I had always been broken down, and I always had to fight to survive, never being able to be vulnerable, this was new but I didn't fight it, I really didn't want to. Keeping up a tough image and being on alert constantly drains your energy.

"Max well, he's big" she said with a laugh. "Taller than you and Bane, the alpha" she explained. "Jet black hair like us, but his wolf is also black, he takes after dad" she said.

I looked at her, she was smiling as she remembered our father.

"We take after mom's wolf" she explained.

I nodded. "What happened to them?" I wondered out loud.

I watched as she took a deep breath. "That night we split up, they were murdered" she explained. She was now looking at the ground as I stared at her. She was ripping grass one blade at a time, and tossing them to the side.

"It was really hectic that night, and the three of us were alone, Max is five years older than us, he was only ten so it was hard to keep track of both us five year olds at once" she explained, as if she had to defend our brother. "We were being chased, by then mom and dad had been taken down, I don't know how many years we'd been running but we were never with a pack that I could remember." She stated. "We had reached a river, and successfully crossed reguardless of how fast the current was moving and Max was holding my hand making sure I was following behind fast enough, you two were always faster than I was" she said with a slight smile, and for a second she had glanced up at me to make sure I was listening.

I gave a slight nod to show I was still listening and she went on.

"I guess Max had always expected you to be following, but all I can remember is that he turned around and you were missing, and suddenly" she explained. "He instantly hid me really well in a tree, and hadn't come back for hours, his face clearly read that he hadn't found your nor any scent that belonged to you, you were gone" she whispered.

She looked up at me and sighed. "Not too long after that we had to push on, and we found this pack, the safe pack we were told to find by Mom and Dad. Although Max had dropped me off and had started to walk away. Bane stopped him and asked 'Where are you going?' and Max glared at him and simply stated, 'To find my brother, we lost him'." Lily then laughed. "He even threatened to tear Bane to pieces at the age of ten to go looking for you, and Bane let him go, of course with some pack members, but they never found you." She explained. "He tried really hard, not giving up for a couple years but he could never get a scent, or hint where you might have been, he thought you were dead" she whispered before looking up at me, tears now in her eyes.

I gave her a small smile. I couldn't blame them for not trying; they did try to look for me. The people who had found me first apparently hid me well. I rubbed her shoulder.

"It's okay at least I now know someone tried" I stated. "I always wondered, what I had did so horribly to just get landed where I did" I explained.

She looked at me. "Tell me your story?" she questioned.

I nodded, no matter how painful it was I'd tell it to her. "But you have to relay it to Max later" I whispered. "I won't tell it again" I mumbled, instinctively wrapping my arms around myself.

"I promised" she whispered and she scooted closer to me wrapping her own arm around me.

I gave a small smile at the interaction; this is what I had missed as a kid.

"Well at first it started off okay, but I don't remember anything since I was six, not five" I stated. "I woke one day in a bed, really soft and the guy who had found me seemed really nice. He had told me I nearly drowned in a river, and I had been unconscious for a few days on the brink of death" I explained. I was looking at the grass. "Well he was nice, I'll admit, a year of my life was okay" I stated. "That year gone, he ended up dying, he was an old man, and so his son decided to take it upon himself to start raising me." I took a deep breath. "He was human so of course when he found out I could shift into a wolf he used it to his advantage, that's where my life went downhill." I muttered. "I was entered in illegal dog fights, my opponents ranging from dogs of all sorts, sometimes three at a time, to facing bears or tigers, or some other illegal wild animal to hold in a cage for a fight." I stated.

A shiver ran through me as I remembered most of my fights. They were horrible, being a seven year old kid entered in most of those not only that but I was near death at most of them in pain for days but of course I had rapid healing. It was still brutal.

My sister wrapped her arm around me tighter.

"That wasn't the half of it; I barely ever got to eat or was ever given something to drink, just to keep me alive. I always got lies fed to me, and I was always beaten if I didn't obey orders. I was kept in a cage like all those caged animals. Whether I was human or wolf" I whispered."So when I escaped at the age of fifteen, I didn't care whether or not I had family out there, or if there was other werewolves. All I cared was that I was alive, that I only trusted my wolf, and that I'd survive alone like I had since I was seven." I ended my story as I looked at my sister. "That's about it without gruesome detail" I added, trying to smile but none came to my lips. It was hard to smile remembering the times I tried so hard to forget.

Lily gave me a quick and tight hug. She didn't let go for ten minutes. I didn't hug her back, the move seemed foreign to me. I just sat there with my hands at my sides until she let go.

She wiped her eyes, she had been crying. "Should we get something to eat?" she questioned. "Dinner should be ready." She stated and she smiled.

I smiled back. I liked that she wouldn't ask any more questions about my story and I nodded. "Dinner sounds great." I said as we both got up and headed back to the house.

The End

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