Chapter 1Mature

Once a lone wolf, Caleb is now forced into pack life. Will his attitude towards life change? Will he simply submit or will complications arise? Will his new pack mates accept him? Will there be other trouble? Rated M for safety MxF story not MxM

I've always been a lone wolf. Some would call me a werewolf, or others a shifter who happened to shift into a wolf. I was out there roaming the world without a care in the world, I had never known a pack, ever, and as far as I could remember I never had one. Nor have I ever known my parents or anyone ever related to me, if a person like that had ever exist. I never cared enough to even look into it. I just kept to myself, always that's what I knew best. I never cared about anyone, and never will. It was easier just looking out for me, and it was easier to worry about just me as well.

I didn't even have to worry about much either, just eat and drink, and find a warm cave to sleep in afterwards, that was it. I roamed mostly as wolf, and slept mostly in wolf form. I was rarely ever human, there was never a point in being one. I hunted deer, and other animals like a wolf would, without the help of a pack of course, and I slept in caves, so what did I need the interaction of humans for? Well I'll answer it for you, absolutely nothing. I needed them for naught a thing. A social life? Hah forget about it! I was never social to begin with.

But in one day my title of 'lone wolf' had disappeared. In that one single day my life changed.


I stood in the middle of a meadow, hunched low in the tall grass, ready to strike. The buck, not too far from me, was busy eating something it thought delicious off of a tree. My mouth was watering, and I decided not to wait any longer, I pounced. I was flying through the air, fangs bared, sharp nails extended, ready to tear the animal in front of me to pieces.

That was until another wolf, decided to jump into the air along with me, flying right at me. The buck ran off seeing two potential threats, we weren't fast enough, and the other hunting wolf and I collided in midair and rolling to the ground, head over heels with each other.

Once we untangled from each other they barred their fangs at me. Instantly I could tell they were also another shifter. We had different unique smells than actual wolves. I barred my fangs back, letting the low growl escape the back of my throat. Then suddenly they pulled a dumb move, they shifted to human right in front of my eyes.

I stared at them , well her, up and down a moment. Wondering how stupid she was to shift right in front of me, I could have torn her throat right out. Then giving up the surprised look I shifted to human. I instantly felt out of place.

"What the hell!" she shouted. She had clothes on of course. We could shift back with clothes on. How? I have no clue.

I too had clothes on, stole them some years back encase I came in touch with humans on accident.

"What the hell yourself" I stated rather calmly. This chic was clearly pissed.

"What is your problem, this isn't even your territory!" she shouted.

I looked at her. I gave a small laugh. "Hah anywhere I go is my territory." I simply stated.

"Go back to your pack" she spat. Clearly she disliked me.

I looked at her. She looked familiar. I had no clue why, I've never seen her before in my life. I haven't even met another werewolf before ever. She was the first.

"Don't have one" I simply stated.

She stared at me now, surprise written on her face. "How can you live without a pack?" she questioned.

"It's simple really just roaming around not a care in the world" I stated.

"What about your parents or your previous pack?" she questioned.

"Don't have either" I said quite bored by now.

"W-what?" she asked. She a hint of curiosity was now evident on her face, but you could also still see the hint of surprise as well. "What is your name?" she asked suddenly.

"Caleb." I stated.

I watched as her eyes widened. "No way…" she whispered.

"Uhm way, I would know my own name." I said.

She suddenly jumped at me and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I was now surprised and holding my arms out looking down at her.

"What are you doing?" I questioned.

"Hugging you" she laughed.

"Yes I know what a 'hug' is" I stated. "Why are you hugging me?" I asked.

"Because I've been looking for you for a long time now." She said, still not making any movements to let me go.

"What?" I asked confused. My eyebrows were furrowed, as I tried to think. Why would anyone be looking for me? I wasn't a fugitive.

"You're my brother" she said excitedly.

My eyebrows rose. "I'm-" I cut off. "I can't-" I cut off again.

The girl hanging on me, my now claimed sister, giggled.

"I don't have family!" I shouted. I quickly pushed her away from me and she looked hurt.

"I am a lone wolf! Always have been and always will be!" I shouted. "I look out for no one!" I said turning to stalk away, still human. I hated being human!

I continued walking until I felt her put her hand on my shoulder and I turned, only to find it wasn't her but some big muscular guy, more built than me. He had jet black hair, like mine. Spiky also like mine, and was well built going down his body. He was dressed but in a muscle shirt and black jeans. I think the only difference between us was that my hair was a bit longer than his. His was super short and spiky. Like his hair was growing from being shaved, mine was slightly longer and could have been mistaken as short anime like hair. Yes I know what anime is, I was one of those readers as a kid.

He stared at me for a moment before pulling back a fist, and before I could register in my head what he was about to do, that fist slammed right into my face and I blacked out.

The End

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