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   She started up her computer and heard the front door close; she rose and shut her office door. Todd was home and now was not the time to be talking to him.
   “Eliza, are you home?” He evidently mustn’t have heard her close the door.
   “Yeah” she shouted “I’m in my office, just checking on some business”. Whilst living in England her and her mother had bought a business space and turned it into a shop, a large successful one at that. Now her and her mother had returned to Australia her sister, Rachel, was now in charge of business affairs.
   “Ahh” he said walking into the office, “and what business would that be then?”
   “Not much, nothing exciting. Rach has emailed me some things to do with the shop, I can’t just forget about it because I am in a different continent!” she said jokingly.
   “Ok, it’s just I think we need to talk. But you are busy, maybe later”
   “I know we need to talk” she said whispering, “Can I just say, I don’t regret a thing, but we still need to talk. Can I just finish off this thing, and then we can talk before I have to pick the children up?” Todd nodded and stated that he would go and entertain himself for a while and that she could come and find him after she had finished.
   She went back to the computer, double checked the dates which she needed to buy plane tickets and the hotel she was meant to be staying in. She then navigated her way to a cheap ticket line and booked tickets to depart in 10 days. She reasoned that she would stay in Italy with her wayward husband for about 4 days, surely that would be enough to sort things out and if it wasn’t she would make it. Entering her card details into the website she wondered whether or not she was doing the right thing by considering ending her marriage. She reasoned that she wasn’t, although she had slept with another man all of eight hours ago, she was sure that Mark had slept with many, many other women in his time. She had her children to think of as well, would she rather them be unhappy with their parents marriage or would they be happier if she was happy. She couldn’t just give up on her marriage she had the stability of the children to think of, what would her parents think, her brothers.
   She signalled to Todd that she had finished with her ‘business’ and that they now had to talk. She poured them each a glass of wine and discussions began.
   “I’m sorry about earlier, Eliza. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that. Can we just forget about it?” he said quickly, as if he had been practising what he was going to say, “It’s just I don’t want to be responsible for splitting you and Mark up”
   “Trust me when I say this, me and Mark are on the verge of splitting up anyway. I no longer trust him and I’m going to Italy in a weeks’ time for ‘emergency’ talks” she says, looking a bit down beat but ever cheerful, she continues, “I don’t regret anything Todd, nothing”
   Todd looks a bit anxious, it takes him a while to take in what Eliza has just said to him. Is she actually giving him permission to stay in her bed? His eyes are telling him this from the look on her face, but his heart is telling him no. He couldn’t do this could he? Be a lover, a secret one at that.
   It was as if Eliza could read his mind, she simply nodded and this gave him all the reassurance he needed. Secret lover he would be. For now anyway. He promised himself he would not fall in love with her. After all he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else in the meantime. Eliza checked her watch quickly, signalling she had to go.
   “Shit, shit, shit!” she cursed, “I need to go get the kids from Mum’s”
   “Ah, OK. I’ll be here waiting for you when you get home. Unless you want me to come with you?”
   “You can do, I don’t mind. I just need to find my phone first. Lost the bloody thing again!” she said, dashing out the room upstairs, she called downstairs, “Can you ring it, just so I know where it is?!”
    “Yeah, sure thing, give me two seconds” he said, thinking to himself, what a silly thing she is.
   She signalled to him that they needed to be out the door now. Rather authoritatively he thought, it was kinda cute. She was already dialling something into the phone at rapid speed, she was like some kind of superwoman. Jabbering away into the phone he guessed that she was talking to Seb. He’d forgotten about her visitor. How were they going to work this around an extra person in the house? She unlocked the car and threw the keys back to him, whilst calling “Can you lock the house please”
   Eliza was inwardly cursing Seb for not answering his phone, he must still be on the flight over. She remembered she had given him a set of keys for the house, so he could let himself in if anything happened. He had told her, when they had spoken a few days ago, that he would bring them. She left a message on the answering machine.
   “Hi Seb darling, its Liza here. Just to say me and Todd have gone to pick the kids up from Mum’s so we won’t be in when you get back, so just let yourself in and make yourself at home. Hope that’s ok. You know where you’re sleeping, usual room. Everything’s set out for you! See you soon” she said hanging up the phone.
   “How can you be so fabulous?” Todd said, not realising he had said something out loud.
   Eliza spluttered and said “Pardon?” whilst holding back a smile; it had been yonks since someone had paid her this kind of compliment. It was then when Todd realised he had said something out loud, he blushed slightly and apologised.
   “You’ve got nothing to apologise for” she said sweetly and started to drive. A hand reached out for hers when they were some way into the journey, this made Eliza smile, she couldn’t even remember if Mark had ever done this to her. Their fingers entwined, though loose enough to allow easy use of the car controls. They stayed like this until they reached some traffic lights, Todd removed his fingers from hers and stroked the side of her face. She turned to look at him, and she kissed him gently and quickly as not to get too distracted by him and miss the traffic lights changing. The traffic lights changed from red to green and she set off slowly, still reeling slightly from that kiss, she found a suitable place to pull over, once they had reached the suburbs. Todd looked puzzled, but she knew exactly what she was doing. His kiss was so intoxicating, she needed more. She wasn’t going to go that far in the middle of a suburb, God no, she has standards.
   “Eliza...” Todd said mystified, “Why have we stopped here? I’m sure this isn’t your parents’ house?”
   “No, I know it isn’t” she smiled as a smile broadened across her face, “It’s just, just now at the traffic lights. The kiss, I can’t concentrate now”
   “You should have just said” he said, taking in the moment. He was slightly taller than Eliza, even when seated. He lowered his head to meet hers, looked deep into her eyes and slowly pushed his head toward her. She did the same but not at quite the same speed, she too was enjoying this, she couldn’t afford to rush this. Their lips touched, softly at first and more passionately as it progressed. Everything disappeared from Eliza’s mind, it was like she had something new to look forward to in her life, a new beginning. They stayed there for what seemed like hours, and then they pulled apart, looked at each other and ever so slightly, nodded.
   “The kids...” Eliza said with a slight smile.
   “I know.....We best hurry, huh?” 

The End

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