New BeginningMature

Her husband, Mark, had been way just over two months, touring Europe with his fledging band ‘Charge’. He usually contacted Eliza and the children every day when possible through phone, email or text. This time, they had not heard from him for over two weeks, this was most unusual for him. The children had become upset by this, so Eliza had contacted Marks mum and best friend, who both revealed that Mark had been keeping in touch and had told his best friend to tell Eliza that his phone was broken and he could not get internet. Because of this, Eliza kept contacting his friend for information, but this information soon stopped and she began being fobbed off with ‘Hi, I’m fine, hope you are too. Tell the kids I miss them. Love you and miss you. X.’

Eliza checked her phone once again before pulling out of the drive way. No new messages, voicemails or emails. She was getting incredibly bored of this now. Telling her children fake messages from their father. She had a small thought in the back of her mind that he had got another woman.  I mean months away from your family, a man has needs. She thought, why would he stay with me, someone who has had children, and quite frankly it shows. Or would he go with a slim, young bird that could cater for his every need?

“Two can play at that game” she said, breaking the silence

Her thoughts carried her away again. She made a pact with herself. If by the time she got home, she had had no contact with her errant husband, she would go for it with Todd. Fairs fair, she thought. This wasn’t revenge sex, this ‘I want to and so does he’ sex. Couldn’t argue with that could you?

On the outskirts of the city, she pulled into the long driveway where her parents lived. Her mother, ageing but still youthful, stood outside to meet her. She looked shocked.

“Oh my, Eliza. You look terrible. What’s the matter baby? Still no news?”

“No, just crappy fobbing off messages from Jon!” she said shaking her head “Mum, I think he’s got another woman”

“You bloody what?! I’ll fucking kill him if he has”

“He gives in depth emails to Jon, about what he has been up to, believe me; I’ve seen them and then write a script which Jon tells me”

Dalby was running around the feet of his mother and grandmother playing with the family dog, Pip. Eliza and her mother walked arm in arm up to the house. She scurried into the kitchen offering her daughter a cup of tea, cake, anything she could lay her hands on.

“Thank God you father isn’t here. He would go round and shoot that idiot. Oh and don’t worry, I won’t tell him” At that comment, Eliza sighed in relief.

“Look Mum, if you don’t mind, I need to go, I need a shower and Seb’s coming round later today. So I gotta dash”

Her mother stood up, arms open to give her youngest daughter a hug. Eliza did that same to her son, who caught onto the idea and gave her an extra sloppy kiss. When Eliza got in the car, she checked her phone once again. Still nothing. He had less than half an hour. She set off, stereo on high and forgot about her troubles. She pulled into the drive way, half an hour later. She checked her phone, once, twice, three times. Nothing. She adjusted her hair in the mirror and made herself look half presentable again. Once inside she gestured she was going to shower. Todd’s eyes were asking her to allow him to join her.

“No” she simply said, taking in the fact he was still wearing the towel, nothing taken, nothing added.

She turned to go up the stairs, he caught her hand and she turned to face him, he looked deep into her eyes and followed her obediently upstairs to the bathroom door.

“What I say goes, mister!”

“Aww, ok. I’ll be waiting, right here” he pointed to the floor where he was standing.

Whilst she was in the shower, she forgot about everything. What had been, what was about to happen. Even her children. She felt like she did before she had Izzy. Free. Unbeknown to her, todd was waiting inher room. This was new territory for him, he had never stepped foot in here before. He explored through her wardrobe, picking out clothes which he thought she looked nice in. He paused at one drawer, the underwear. Should he, shouldn’t he? Fuck it, he thought. In a while I’m going to see her without it. He opened it expecting to see a few tattered white bras but instead he found them t be delicate and beautiful. He moved around the room, taking in all the pictures. He thought there must have been hundreds. Pictures of her kids, the most important things to her, pictures of her as a small child, family, friends. You name it she had a picture of it, but no Mark. Something clicked. No Mark. He was puzzled by this thought, all the things she loved except from her husband. He heard the bathroom door unlock and hurried back to sit on the bed. The door opened slowly.

“I thought you said you were going to wait outside the door!” she smiled, clearly pleased that he had moved.

“Well I got bored” he said taking in the beauty that was stood before him

She stood in just a towel; her face slightly blushed from the heat of the shower. Her body slim and toned with just a little more flesh on her hips, he thought. He made a mental note to explore that area further. He slowly walked up to her and looked deep into her dark brown eyes and ran his hand through her soft tightly curled hair. The time is almost here, he thought. Her eyes reassured him and with that permission, he bent his down and kissed her lips gently. Pulled away and kissed her again whilst holding her face. She raised her hands, so they were also on his face and neck, by doing this it caused her towel to fall a little. Todd caught it and let it remain on her body. They were both enjoying this moment, and this moment alone. He continued to hold her towel whilst focusing his kisses lower down. She was tracing patterns on his back. It tickled and it felt so good, he let out a little moan.

He carefully turned around so he could close the blinds and curtains. He didn’t want all and sundry getting in on this moment he had dreamt of for so long. By doing this, it caused Eliza’s towel to fall completely, he turned as he was closing the curtains, and his breath was taken away.

“Wow! You are just perfect” he said sweeping her up into his arms, with this his towel fell as well and they collapsed onto the bed. Lips still locked.

The End

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