A new life?Mature

All Eliza wants is to have a normal life, but is that possible?

Every day was different in the Warwick household, the children’s dad was away and they were getting another house guest today. Eliza had already been up for what seemed an age; tidying, cleaning and getting two of the children ready for school. In the lounge she was tidying away the copious amounts of gossip magazines.

                “God knows why I buy all of these, they’re rubbish!” she muttered as she heard the sound of cutlery against crockery in the kitchen “Isabel, Hayley? You are getting on with your breakfast aren’t you?”

                “Yes!” chimed two girly voices

Footsteps, she thought, only one pair. Bliss. This meant Todd, the lodger, was up and could watch her youngest child whilst she took her daughters to school.

                “Morning girlies” A lush Australian accent said “Where is your gorgeous mummy? I’ve got a surprise for her”

Eliza’s mind went into overdrive ‘gorgeous mummy’ had he been hiding an attraction to me all this time? I mean it couldn’t be could it, I mean we are close friends but I wouldn’t say we were anything closer. And what was this surprise? A kiss, a hug, something more? He couldn’t be coming onto me with my children in the next room, could he? Eliza’s mind was still on another planet when she heard the girls say ‘She’s in the living room’. The next thing she knew Todd had entered the room wearing nothing but a towel wrapped round his, oh so toned, waist.

                “Hi…I’ve got a surprise for you”

Oh god, she thought, he’s coming on to me, I know he is and how will I be able to resist him? He has the most perfect body, toned and muscled, the most gorgeous pale blue eyes and tousled hair. He reached for the door, closing it, his towel was beginning to make a slow getaway so she got a glimpse of his, most probably, perfect bottom. God he wasn’t going to take me on the sofa was he? Quickly and passionately.

                “I’ve got Dalby up and ready for you” he chipped in, interrupting her increasingly sexual thoughts.

                “What?!” she spluttered, surprised that this was the surprise, “Oh, thank you darl. Rushed off my feet this morning” gesturing frantically, “Ooh, I don’t suppose you can do me the biggest favour?”

                “And what could that be” he looked intrigued

                “Look after Dalby whilst I take the girls to school?” she said looking hopeful

                “God is that all? I thought you were going to ask me to fulfil your needs!” he said, looking serious. Eliza must have had a horrified look on her face, before he added, “I’m joking Eliza, of course I’ll look after him.”

The thoughts of them together had taken over again, she quickly hurried around the room, doing little bits of extra cleaning before hurrying to the kitchen calling “Girls, get your shoes on and be at the door in 60 seconds. I’m counting!” she poked her head round the door to where Todd was still standing. “Trust me Todd, I would love you to do that but I’m a lil busy right now, maybe later?!” she said, winking.

She grabbed the car keys and loaded the children into the car; they were quiet this morning giving Eliza more time to think. All of a sudden Hayley screeched ‘I likey this song’ which snapped her out of her daydream. It quite frankly was a bad choice of a favourite song for a four year old. Come to think of it, it wasn’t helping her thought processes either. They eventually reached school and Izzy all but jumped out of the car.

“Hey, hey, where are you going missy?”

“School?” Izzy replied

“Just wait until I get your sister out and I’m walking you to the gates because I’ve got something to remind you of”

Izzy huffed as she got back into her seat, her tight ringlet curls bouncing in frustration. Izzy had a personality like her mothers, slightly sarcastic and awkward. Eliza got them out of the car separately as to take in their beauty individually. When she looked at them she realised how lucky she was to have them. Many people, she thought, have difficulty having one child, and here she was three beautiful, happy healthy children. She walked them to the gate and reminded them that their grandmother was picking them up from school. Izzy, ever the helpful older sister repeated this fact. ‘Grandma, same place, same time’

The drive home was arduous, Eliza rushed home to pick up Dalby, who had since been fed and watered by Todd and take him for a play date with his grandma. To her relief he was taking a nap, so the drive would be quiet. Todd poked his head round the kitchen door into the lounge where Dalby was sleeping.

“You weren’t joking about before were you?” he said nervously “Its ok” he continued “I’m up for it if you are?”

This comment made Eliza blush, how could she resist this offer from this simply perfect man? Then again, if Mark ever found out it would mean the end of their marriage, one which was already failing.

“Erm” she said “I don’t know. Yes. No?” still blushing she continued “I’ve got to take him to my Mum’s, I’ll be about an hour”

She lifted her sleeping son from the sofa where he laid, spark out and made her way to the kitchen door to collect snacks for the child. Todd stopped her with both hands, one on each shoulder. She looked deep into his eyes, as he did to her, and simply said.

“I’m in all day”

The End

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