A New Life.

Dane Trotter had always lived in England; ever since he was born. But once he moved to Malibu, he was in for a lifetime of monsters. Follow his almost perfect Malibu journey; read A New Life.



Running through the trees, Selena glimpsed the hunter. He was tall, muscular, and very, very angry. It was 1864. She was four hundred and thirty six today. What a birthday she had; vampire hunters chasing after her, their intentions to kill her, plus, her mother -or her sire- had died that morning. If she ever got away from that hunter, where would she go? There were hunters all around the earth. She was surely doomed.


Malibu. The perfect getaway. To get away from stress, to relax, to get away from crazy hunters that are trying to kill you. Selena laid back on her plastic chair, breathing in the warmness of this perfect place. She had been living here for fifteen years. It seemed like a perfect place to hide from the hunter. He was, after all, crazy. Selena sat at her desk, not really listening to what the teacher was saying. What was the point, anyway? She knew all of this stuff already from centuries of school. What a dull dull life she had. But the fact that Malibu was perfect overpowered the dullness. She heard that a new kid was joining the school today; someone called Dane Trotter. 'I hope he's not as dull as everyone else here.' She thought to herself. A new, interesting kid coming to this school would be just the right treatment for the dullness of education. She carried on not listening to the teacher drone on. She hoped that Dane would be sitting next to her; she was so lonely at the back on her own. Suddenly, a loud ear peircing screech came from the bell, meaning the end of the school day. Tommorrow would hopefully be better, with company.

The End

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