A New Lease Of Life TeaserMature

The stone columns; on either side of the wrought iron gates at the start to the driveway leading up to Orchard House were cast unfriendly shadows over the police car which was temporarily stationary outside the gates. Within the car, Rupert Blackaby was sitting uncomfortably, his heart pounding in his chest and his toes curled rubbing against the leather of his shoes (something he always did when he was nervous). He was dreading the moments as they ticked nearer to the time when those gates would swing forward and he would be officially classified as a man, mentally ill. The buzzer which had been pressed upon arrival by the police woman Suzie Green who was escorting Rupert to Orchard House, clicked back into life as Rupert dreaded it would and a female voice said in a falsely cheerily voice that they were granted entrance and the gates would open momentarily.

A moment later the car jolted back to life as Suzie turned on the engine and began slowly moving through the gates as they creaked open, gravel crunching noisily under the car. If it wasn’t for the fact that this place was a mental hospital and that Rupert shouldnt be here at all, he might have liked the large brick building in front of him with its beautifully made white georgian windows and expanses of slate roof with a bell tower to one side, which made Rupert think that within the building there was a small chapel for the more religious residents.  

In the ordinary course of events Rupert would have impressed with this building but because of his enforced occupancy it was grey and dismal and the Georgian panes were prison bars.  When the car had pulled up and Suzie had gotten out and was walking around the car to open his door, Rupert sat there, his arms crossed and his face stony, like a little kid sulking because he couldn't get the type of sweets he wanted from the shop.

Suzie yanked open his door and Rupert felt the cool air hit his skin. He shivered both outwardly and inwardly, before stepping reluctantly out of the car. He grabbed the bag from the boot of the car which contained the possessions and clothes he had brought with him before setting off to Australia and started to walk towards the building looming over him.  Every step Rupert took, the angrier Rupert became, he shouldn't be here he thought to himself and he had kept telling everyone this but they wouldn't listen - they insisted that he was a danger to himself and others and needed to be ‘looked after’. Since he had been told that he was being taken to a mental hospital people had been talking to him like he was dumb, stupid and couldn’t understand what they were saying and he could!

The door in front of Rupert opened and a tall slim lady stood there wearing a nurse uniform, she wore a kind smile as she held the door open and allowed both Rupert and Suzie to enter. A large sign hung on the far wall which said in large bold letters ‘ORCHARD HOUSE - Psychiatric Hospital’, as if he needed reminding of this horrible fact which made his blood curdle and boil with suppressed anger and rage.

The End

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