Chapter fourMature

We went to the museum where there was an exhibition of superheroes. Every kid went there growing up. It was actually one of my fondest memories as a child, and I could tell it was Julian’s too. He was no longer the not-so-perfect tough guy. He just cared too much for his heart to bear, I’d been there too.

We ended up seeing each other at least once or twice a week. And my faith in humanity was becoming restored. Of course I still stayed on guard, just in case. I’d started taking a journalism course after realising that something really needed to be done about the state of crime that was happening. And I knew it would help Julian. It’s as if his superhero sense has rubbed off onto me. Whatever it was, I was happier, I had a purpose and someone who cared about me.

There was an article in the news a few weeks later…  

Breaking news: antidote for plague has been released! The town is saved!

By Cassandra Noble

An unexpected turn of events has occurred within the past 24 hours. The police station of Maryville was broken into last night by two vigilantes; one male and one female, late twenties, who chose to keep their identities hidden. We are grateful nonetheless. The antidote was secured and has been distributed to all the affected victims.

                Upon hearing this story, the state government has stepped in by building a new police academy. Each and every applicant will be questioned and tested with strict accordance, put in real-life situations where they will have to confront and deal with aggressive law breakers.  

                If you were to walk through Maryville today you certainly wouldn’t believe that just two days ago it was so corrupt that crime had actually become a joke. And you’d certainly see a lot more people, happy, peaceful people. And if you ask them why they might just tell you.


I was back at the café with Lauren again, who couldn’t believe the events that had taken place, ‘Hey I’m just as surprised as you are,’ I told her. We looked at each other for a second and burst into laughter, not caring about who may have been looking or watching. And they shouldn’t have, we had every reason to be happy. All of them did. And it was all thanks to the strange guy hiding behind his laptop, secretly watching for crime under the guise of a writer. Who would have thought?

The End

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