Chapter threeMature

                I don’t know what it was about him, but one thing I did know was that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing him again. He had caught me when I was vulnerable and desperate… and there was just something off about him. It was if he had a grudge against humanity. I guess I shouldn’t blame him. But there was something else too, the way he looked at me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. That was what bothered me most. I just couldn’t get that picture out of my mind. It had to end, I was going to finally confront him, even if it meant being uncomfortable. The new coffee place stank anyway.

                ‘I was wondering if you’d show up,’ he said.

                ‘I couldn’t resist the coffee.’

                He chuckled, ‘is that the only reason?’

                I shook my head, ‘sadly no… When you found me that night, were you following me?’

He hesitated for a moment, ‘I was worried about you, the guy was in here too staring at you for a long time. The look on his face was just too unsettling for me to ignore… and somebody’s gotta keep a look out for the bad guys. You know how crime is in this place.’

I did. What happened was, the town had become infected with a plague. They’ve found an antidote but all the cops wanted to do was keep it to themselves. Crimes went unnoticed because they were an inevitable part of society, at least that’s what the cops said. The only criminals that were reported were the ones competing for news attention, which were quite ridiculous.

                As I thought about it, I asked, ‘I don’t think I ever got your name.’

‘Oh, crap. Where are my manners? I save you and I don’t even introduce myself,’ he laughs at that. ‘The name’s Julian, and yours?’

                ‘Cass. Well, Cassandra. Everyone calls me Cass except my mum.’

‘It’s nice to formally meet you Cass. You know, my mother is in prison… she got arrested for trying to steal the antidote. How unfair is that?’

‘Very, I’m sorry to hear that. Hey, let’s do something fun.’

‘Okay then. Like what?’

‘It’s a surprise.’

The End

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