Chapter 4

POV - Star

Star watched Thom pester himself in cleaning off the blood from his muzzle. He looked rather ridiculous, but it was rather cute at the same time. The wind suddenly began to blow, and she shivered in the cold. Instinctively, she huddled close to the male. She felt him flinch in surprise and she withdrew.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured. “I’m just not... used to this cold weather.” She saw Thom eye her peculiarly and looked away shyly. He chuckled a little and, to her horror, he lit his tails on fire. She felt the warmth gently begin to blossom in her paws; it then spread to the rest of her body until she felt warm along every hair of her frame. Feeling much safer, Star rested her head on Thom’s shoulder with his tailfire in front of them. Thom placed his head on hers, and the two remained in that position for a long while.

After a while of leaning on her new-found friend, Star decided she wanted to get to know him more. She pressed him with questions: his origins, his favorite foodstuffs, how he got his powers. He answered her questions briefly. His tone was soft and soothing, unlike most brutes Star had met. As she looked into his eyes, she thought she saw what she felt reflected from him.

The End

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