Chapter 3

POV - Thomassen

Thomassen gazed at the female. She was so beautiful with her lean muscles rippling under her pelt. The blue star on her leg stood out sharply against her white fur, but it only increased his attraction to the female. Sure, she had been upset when he slept in her den, but it was only natural that she defended it.

“Uh...” Thom looked around nervously, the she-wolf looking at him expectantly. “Come on. I think they were this way.” He walked toward where he last saw the ungulates. Sure enough, there was still a faint trail. Leading the way, Thom set a rapid pace, which he assumed the much lighter and more agile female would be able to keep up with. The trail weaved in and out of trees, sometimes crossing small clearings or leaping over logs.

Thom soon saw the herd of deer that they had been led to. There were two large bucks fighting nearby; the doe were scattered about the clearing, some tending to fawns, others laying down or grazing. He crept up on the deer nearest them: She was lying down, picking at the grass and watching the young fawns play. Looking back at Star and gesturing to her about the doe, he gathered his strength for a massive leap. He jumped out of the bushes, snarling. Star followed suit, and the herd of deer began fleeing in fright.

Thom found himself clinging desperately to the deer’s hooves as it bucked and kicked. His strong jaws were his only hope of holding on. Star came to his aid and launched herself at the deer’s throat. There was a struggle as the two wolves brought down their prey. Thom looked up and saw Star gazing at him from where she stood. He lowered his head respectfully, allowing her to eat first. Star began at the deer’s front leg, chowing down hungrily. Thom dug into his favorite chewy part of the deer’s belly. The two wolves ate their fill of the small deer, then settled back to clean themselves off.

The End

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