Chapter 2

POV - StarWolfen

StarWolfen returned to her den with a measly squirrel in her mouth. She froze in fright when she saw a large creature asleep just at the entrance. Furious, she dropped her catch and launched a frenzy attack on the animal.

It woke up yelping, and StarWolfen jumped back in surprise as she saw it was a wolf -- a wolf with an odd fur-coloring similar to hers. He was dark grey, though half his face was red. He had red hairs streaking down his back into his three tails, and his right paw was a dark red. “Is that blood?” StarWolfen wondered.

“What are you doing in my den?” Star snarled. “Can’t you tell this is someone’s sleeping place?”

“I-I-I’m sorry,” stammered the wolf. “I didn’t realize it was already inha--”

“Are you nuts?” Star cried. “There’s something called scent markers!”

“I apologize,” he mumbled again. “I was exhausted. I didn’t mean to take over your den.” The strange wolf looked at her with his dull yellow-and-red eyes. StarWolfen was taken aback by his condition: His fur was matted, and his ribs stuck out of him like branches. She was sure he looked much better than this when he was fully fed. However, she found herself walking back to her squirrel and putting it in front of him.

“Here, sir,” she murmured. “You need this. You look like a dead rabbit!”

“Thanks,” he muttered dryly. The wolf quickly devoured the squirrel. When he looked up, his eyes were much brighter; they had a new gleam to them.

“I’m sorry,” he turned his head away, embarrassed. “I realize I didn’t give my pelt-name. I am Thom.”

StarWolfen blushed under her pelt, “I’m... Star. It is an honor to meet you, Thom.” The name felt strange on her tongue; it was like a different language. She gave the ritual bow of making acquiantances. Thom returned it.

“I’m sorry for taking that squirrel...” Thom muttered.
“Don’t be,” Star said in her calm, female voice. “You needed it.”

Star gazed at this male and saw the handsomeness beneath all his frailty. She saw the muscles that bulged out from under his pelt. He must be a pretty strong wolf to have all that bulk, Star thought. She broke out of her daydreams when she realized Thom was waiting for her to answer him.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I said,” he began in a mockingly boring tone, “whether you would like me to make up that squirrel or not.”

“Um...” Star hesitated. “It’s okay. It’s just a squirrel.”

“I saw a deer and a fawn here. Not sure how long I slept though.”

Star looked at Thom warily, not sure of his intentions. But she was extremely hungry and couldn’t resist the offer.

“Sure,” she said. “Where do we go?”

The End

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