A New Friend


Thomassen (Thom) - an extremely large male; dark grey wolf with a red "cap" on his forehead. His eyes have two black v-shaped marks under it. A thick red dorsal stripe runs down his spine and splits into his three tails. His right front paw is dried permanently with blood, signaling all the fights he has gotten into. He is able to light his paws, tail-tips, and back on fire to look intimidating. They can cause a burn when he desires them to.

StarWolfen (Star) - a light-blue pelt with a darker blue star on her thigh. Her fur often seems like it has a blueish tinge to it. She has the power of ice and can freeze whatever she wishes and touches for a short period of time (a few seconds).


pelt-name - what a wolf is commonly known by
paw-name - what a wolf is called by his friends (many variations)
mind-name - a wolf’s true name; it is said that if this is given to the undeserved, misfortune would befall the wolf who had given his name.

The End

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