A New Epic (Working Title)

Jackyln Avenici has everything that she wants being the Princess of Rifthold, one of the most powerful kingdoms in the realm of Thyrelia but one dreadful night that is all taken from her. Entrusting her safety to an old family friend, an unknown stranger and a conflicted immortal, she must now strugle to survive and somehow regain what was rightfully hers. But what will the cost of this adventure be?


The call rang through the halls of Castle Dawnbreak and startled a few guards before they relaxed. The young prince, of only six years age, was quite frequent in having a not-so-peaceful sleep most nights and calling upon his loving grandfather who, without fail, would always appear just a few moments later.

"A mouse probably sneezed under bed sire." one of the guards attending to the prince's room joked quietly. The old, yet still humorous man, chuckled softly before entering the room and discovering a quivering lump of blankets on the large four post bed.

"Oh Jayce, where have to gone me boy?" Grandad asked.

The blanketed mass shifted slightly and revealed a young trembling face, "Is that you Grandad?"

"Aye, it's me, now what's wrong young one?" Grandad asked as he sat on one corner of the bed.

"Wolves Grandad, there were alot of them and they attacked the castle and.. and..."

"And you were scared stiff? Grandad finished. Jayce nodded and Grandad continued, "Well don't you worry young one, the guards here are more than a match for any old wolf." Jayce began to relax a bit, "You know, I was scared stiff once too."

"Really?" Jayce asked wide eyed.

Grandad nodded slowly, "Yes, when I met your Grandmum."

"Will you tell me about it Grandad?" Any vestiges of sleepyness were gone instantly.

Grandad smiled warmly and looked out the large windows at the clear night sky, "Well, it started a long time ago on a night kind of like this one..."

The End

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