Surprise Party

About an hour later, and back at Spockeh's house, Ulf was getting bored. He hated waiting there for something to happen. He wasn't the type of person who could wait forever, he was the type that was always charging in with his thick head in first. He yawned and scanned the street and noticed the gleaming Audi TT coming towards him. He rose slightly and intently watched it seemingly glide down the street without much effort at all. He was even more surprised when one of the passengers waved to him to come over. He got up from his post and lumbered slowly over to the car. He also noticed that there were three people in the vehicle, two guys and one girl and one of them seemed to be tied up.

"Hi there,  we were looking for you, we captured one of the Protagonists here, see?" The man in a leather duster said. Ulf didnt' recognize them from his group but shrugged off his confusion, they must be new. He looked in the back seat where the 'author' was and saw him playing the part of an author captured. His eyes said that he was scared, but under the duct-tape that was covering his mouth, Spockeh was smiling and almost chuckiling, but he couldn't give away their plans so he played his part.

"What do we do now?" Ulf asked. He remembered his boss saying something about if he managed to capture an author but couldn't remember just what.

"I don't know, maybe we should go to him, eh?" Penelope suggested. That sounded ok to Ulf, although he was surprised that these two forgot the way back to their boss but that just solidified his idea that they were new.

"Sure, I guess we can..." He began to answer. But before he could fully answer he noticed a figure in all black across the street waving at him.

"Hey! Ugly! Over here! Ya missed one!" he shouted. He then sprinted around the corner of Spockeh's ruined house and disappeared. Ulf stood confused by the action and continued to stare at the place where Ninja had been just moments ago.

"What?" He asked. But before he got a reply, he was tackled, in textbook form, by Digger, Scorch and Trucker who all crashed into him and carried his large form into a nearby parked van. Ulf cried out in surprised but fell silent after crashing into the van, which oddly enough didn't start its alarm even though a large dent lay in the side of it.

"Whoo boy! That's what I'm talking about!" Scorch exclaimed. He ran, jumped and chest pumped Digger. Trucker laughed and looked at the man they just tackled.

"Dang, I'd guess he's 'bout 6' 4, maybe, oh I don't know, 320 pounds? 330?" He mused out-loud. He then attemped to move him, "Actualy, make that even heavier. I'ma gonna need help on this one." Scorch and Digger slid over and proceeded to help him pick up the large mass that was known as Ulf. They picked him up and carried him to their awaiting van. After disposing of him, Spockeh jogged up to the trio, now free from his duct-tape prision.

"Nice tackle guys," he said. He then spread high-fives liberally amongst them, "Did ya need to knock him out?"

"Not really," Digger conceeded, "But then again, I don't know how we woulda' worked it had we not." Spockeh nodded, he didn't mind too much. It would just forestall their plans a tad bit.

"Alright, alright, now we need a new plan." Spockeh said. The rest of the group came and gathered around.

"Well first, I say we get out of Dodge," Scorch said, "Who knows if there's more baddies waiting around the next corner or not waiting to spring their own trap."

Pheonix nodded her assent, "Yeah, we should meet up somewhere."

Scorch looked at Digger, who looked at Trucker who looked at Bugger who then looked at Jack, who then hung his head as he knew what they were about to suggest.

"Party at Wal-Mart anyone?" Digger asked.

The End

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