Donuts of Dissent

After coming to the conclusion that nobody had a plan of action ready, the unsightly assembly continued to meander the aisles of Walmart. Spockeh had the lead, chattering in muted tones with Phoenix, while Bentley, Bugger and Ninja quipped amid themselves amid bursts of laughter. Penelope had left the group to wait in her car under the guise of playing lookout: really, she couldn't stand leaving it outside when people were blowing up houses and all.

Meanwhile, Jack had subdued to the siren song of the mega-centre and joined Digger, Trucker, and Scorch.

"Dude, these are on sale!" Jack shouted to the stooges. "We need 'em!"

"What are they?" Digger asked even before he and Scorch had crowded beside the Canadian.

Jack paused for a moment before answering. "Uhm, I think that they might be-"

"Forget those!" Trucker holler from down the aisle. "Look'it these!"

His shouts brought the other three running down, frantic to find some sort of unnecessary necessity.

"Take five," Digger ordered.

"Yessir!" Jack, Trucker, and Scorch saluted in unison.

Now behind the frantic foursome, Spockeh and Phoenix had come up with something potentially plausible.

"Of course they won't expect us to return," she agreed. "No-one in their right mind would go back to the spot where they might have been killed only a few hours before."

"Exactly," Spockeh said. "I mean, we might not find anything worthwhile back there, but what if we do? It's a risk I think I'm willing to take."

Phoenix nodded, and then slowed her pace to allow the three boys behind her and Spockeh to catch up. Once they had, she pitched them the plan.

"Crazy enough to work," Bentley stated simply.

Both Ninja and Bugger nodded, sharing the same gesture Phoenix had earlier.

"What about them?" Spockeh asked, tilting his chin toward the breakaway group with their finds.

"We've got 'em five to four," Bugger answered. "Majority wins."

"Penelope," Ninja muttered.

"Y'say something, Ninja?"

He cleared his throat and repeated the woman's name more loudly.


Seven minutes and a little under twelve American dollars later, the group was assembled together in the parking lot once more. Spockeh and Phoenix took turns explaining their plan to the five who hadn't yet heard it. The three who had heard punctuated the explanation with nods and interjections of approval, hoping to convince the others to agree to it.

"I don't understand," Jack managed to say, his mouth full of finds from the bakery section. Digger and Scorch also had full mouths, and Bugger was sucking back an energy drink of some sort.

"Which part, Jack?" Phoenix asked.


"Because it's something to do, Jack," Penelope said, speaking for the first time. "If you have a better plan of action, which doesn't involve baked goods, let's hear it."

He shrugged, and shoved back another pastry.

Throwing his empty can to the ground and crushing it, Bugger declared his vote. "I say no. I say we lay low for a bit, see if we can contact this Dark-person that Jack was talking about."

The trio sharing the bakery bag voiced their agreement, deciding that their plan of action should be less active.

And so all eyes fell on Penelope. Thankfully, she was accustomed to it, but for entirely different reasons. This time, it was her option that was sought after. A yay, and the plan would proceed as discussed. A nay, and there would be a deadlock.

"One question," she purred.

"Shoot," Spockeh answered.

"Do I get to be the bad guy?"

Spockeh exchanged glances with those agreeing to his and Phoenix's plan.

"You and Bentley can have the honours of capturing us."

In response, Penelope simply smiled.

The End

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