Trouble at the Willow

Spook! Elorie sent a nudge.


Here call this number Elorie typed in her phone number after hastily looking up her country code.


It’s my cell phone just in case things end up wonky. Elorie's phone beeped indicating she'd gotten a text message. Smiling she amended MSN message. Or send a text. *grin* That works. Elorie stored Spook's number in her phone linking it to Spook’s Facebook profile. Dang these smart phones can be useful, if distracting at times, she thought.

“Kids are ready,” Brigom called down to Elorie.

“Any sign of the General or his assassin?” Elorie asked Prince Hermanos who had been staring out every window he could.

“No,” the Prince said glumly.

“You two be careful okay?” Elorie gave Hermanos and Ryan hugs; much to Ryan’s delight and Hermanos’s embarrassment. “I’ll text Spook when we get in so you know when to port back okay?”

“You got it Lady Elo,” Ryan gave her a mock Scout salute.

Elorie ruffled his hair as they all trooped out of the house. Locking the house door and buckling the kids into the car, Brigom got them ready to leave. Elorie gave one last hug to her characters before climbing into the car. Taking the kids to the airport was almost normal. If you discounted the fact of trying to explain what was going on to their Nana and Pop-Pop. It was a huge relief to know the kids were safe and Elorie felt much more capable of dealing with this situation.

Almost home. She typed into her phone. Let Ryan know to port you back. Elorie sent the text out to Spook.

The reply came back just as they parked the car. Ryan hasn’t showed.

Oh. Was Elorie’s only response, more to let Spook know she’d gotten the message than anything else. Brigom raised his eyebrows at her.

“They didn’t make it to Spook,” she whispered as he punched in the door code.

Inside Hermanos sat on the futon a blood soaked towel on his arm. Ryan lay, pale as a sheet, next to him.

“I do not know where we ported to, but Spook was not there, when we came back the Assassin attacked us. He wounded me before running off.” Prince Hermanos explained.

“Brigom get some hot water and more towels,” Elorie directed her husband. “We have to get the poison out.”

“I got it,” Ryan whispered from the couch. “I sucked it out.” He gave Elorie a feeble grin.

“Ryan!” Elorie stared at him wide eyed. If he dies, she cut her thoughts out as she watched his throat convulse. Thinking quick she managed to bring a trashcan into the room before he spewed all over the rug.

Once his stomach was empty he rolled back onto his back. “See,” he grinned, “the Gods won’t let me die.”

“And now you want water.” He nodded. Just like Sarah after the ambush, Elorie thought fetching a water bottle. She filled it and then handed it over to Ryan.

Technical difficulties over here and a surprise attack. Everyone seems to be okay and my kids should now be safe. Elorie sent Spook an update while Ryan gulped down the water. His skin was slowly returning to a rosy hue. Meanwhile Briom had bandaged the wound on Prince Hermano’s arm. It wasn’t deep, but it took five big Band-Aids to cover.

We’ll be waiting, was Spook’s reply.

“Okay,” Elorie looked at Ryan who was now sitting up. “Do you know where you went?”

“Nope!” he grinned at her. “But there was a dirt road and a fence that couldn’t keep anything in and more odd carriages like what you got into and three houses in a row, then one house to the side and...”

“Wait,” Elorie managed to interrupt him, “What color were the houses?”

“Well two were red and one was grey and one white,” he cheerily informed her.

“And the white was where?”

“It was the one furthest away and we were standing next to one of the red houses and there was a lot of noise coming from behind the grey house. Only I think we were behind the grey house so the noise must have been from in front of it....”

“Cape Cod,” Elorie sighed. “You didn’t even get to England.” She hung her head in her hands.

“Well The Gods say they can only take me to where you know.”

Elorie blinked at Ryan. Then she laughed. “I guess that makes sense. Okay we’ll go for try two.”

Spook, I need a picture of the Willow tree you found, with some other landmark in it.

Can’t guarantee it will be any good.

I just need an image to give the Gods so they can port Ryan to you.


“Okay we’ll all go out.” Elorie looked at Brigom, “armed.”

He nodded and went to get his axe. Elorie found her ceremonial sword. It wasn’t much but it could at least be used to block. Five minutes later, with a picture held firmly in her mind they grouped around the Willow. Elorie sent a quick heads-up to Spook.

“All right Ryan, go and bring them back, make sure they are ready to fight when they arrive.”

Ryan nodded and with a pulse of light he was gone.

The End

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